2008 Publicity Planning Starts Now! Be Intentional about the Results You Seek.

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If you’ve already figured out your top ten ideal media placements for 2008, now is the time to ask for the editorial calendars for the print venues that are on your “hot list.” I made a few of those searches online today and quickly received the calendars for the Puget Sound Business Journal, Seattle Business Monthly magazine, and Washington CEO magazine. Now, I can scan those calendars and find the ideal media placement opportunities for clients and be ahead of the game when it comes to earning powerful, prominent media results for the New Year.

If the words “editorial calendar” make your eyes glaze over, let me make it easy for you to find what you need. Read the rest…

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Don’t Miss This “Deadly Sins of Media Relations” Teleseminar, Just in Time for Halloween!

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Don’t forget tomorrow’s free Wasabi Club Teleseminar.  I’ll be presenting “The Deadly Sins of Media Relations and Why to Avoid Them.” Join in for some PR “tricks and treats” on Halloween, Wednesday, October 31st from 1pm to 2pm EST by dialing 218-486-1105, passcode 35341#.

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What’s Your Claim to Fame?

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If you’ve been running your business for any length of time, you likely have a good sense of the characteristics that describe your ideal client. I was asked this question during a web conference the other day and said that my best clients operate in the “comfort and joy” space and provide products and services that deliver either or both. That response made me smile, and the folks on the call were grinning, too.

Over the years, I’ve worked with clients in a wide range of industries and professions, yet I am very attracted to those that provide comfort and joy. You could say that my client list is very “Oprah-esque,” and it is a beautiful thing. Olympic Hot Tub Company makes it easy to take it easy in your own backyard. Affirmagy offers personal affirmation blankets that wrap each wearer in gratitude, joy, courage, and love. Highline Medical Center provides extraordinary and compassionate medical care. Seattle Chocolate Co. provides delicious chocolates. Need I say more?

Now, I have applied my “comfort and joy” passion and created a new way to be of service to small business owners seeking their own free publicity. I have scheduled my first Publici-Tea™ for November 16. Read the rest…

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Free Publicity Flows to Cascade Bank and Highline Medical Center as a Result of Award Wins

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Carol K. Nelson is the president and CEO of Cascade Bank, and she is among the 25 most powerful women in banking according to US Banker magazine. Mark Benedum is CEO of Highline Medical Center, which recently earned a Premier Quality Award for its hip and knee replacement procedures. Both CEO’s have earned positive publicity in prestigious business and trade magazines as a result of their winning ways, and it is a beautiful thing.

Visit www.usbanker.com and view the October cover story and Nelson’s profile as the 15th most powerful women in banking today.

Visit this link to read the November issue of Washington CEO magazine to read more about the national quality award for Highline.

In both cases, the clients are committed to excellence and have seen fit to seek out recognition opportunities that are well supported by the local and trade media to highlight their winning ways. As a result, their messages about excellence are spreading far and wide. That is good news for shareholders, customers, patients, and everyone associated with each organization. Read the rest…

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Doing Business and Doing Good – Here’s a Media Lead You’ll Love

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I subscribe to Joan Stewart’s Publicity Hound ezine, and I recommend that you do, too. Joan always has great tips and resources to share to empower your quest for free publicity. While visiting her blog this week, I found a post about a new feature called Doing Business and Doing Good that JJ Ramberg is writing for Entrepreneur magazine. Visit www.publicityhound.net and read the 10-21-07 post entitled, “Entrepreneur columnist focuses on do-gooders.” All the contact information is included to make it easy for you to make your pitch.

Speaking of which, I took the opportunity to submit a pitch on behalf of Affirmagy, which is working around the clock to fill orders for its book/blanket bundles that include fleece Courage blankets that are covered with affirmations, along with the Chicken Soup for the Breast Cancer Soul books. Founder Kristen Marie Schuerlein intends for the blanket/book bundle to raise $400,000 for breast cancer research this month. The “Pay It Forward” component of this program makes it easy for you to donate bundles to women you have never met who are facing breast cancer treatment. As I quipped to Kristen the other day, I am grateful to have two breasts, especially since I had surgery a few years ago for abnormal cells. That is another reason I was even happier to “Pay It Forward” with two bundles I donated to women I’ve never met. Think about it, and get into action. Visit www.affirmagy.com to place your order today, and spread the word about this inspired business woman who is definitely doing business and doing good. It’s a beautiful thing.

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Publici-Tea Anyone? Puget Sound Publicity Seekers – Mark Your Calendars for Nov. 16!

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A few months ago in an ezine, I announced the launch of Publici-Tea events that would offer a half-day of in-person training to empower your DIY publicity success. How would you like to be one of the first 10 Puget Sound area business owners to participate? Seven people have already replied with their plans to attend. That means there are just three spaces remaining. Will one of them be yours? The event will be held at my lovely Bellevue home on Friday, November 16 from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. Read the rest…

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Business and Life Inspiration from Jean Thompson, the CEO of Seattle Chocolate Co.

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Media Mogul Michelle Anton interviewed Seattle Chocolate Co. CEO Jean Thompson for her Weekend Entrepreneur blog. I invite you to visit to get Jean’s perspective on how to build a winning company and a great life at the Entrepreneur.com Blog Network. The post was made 10-21-07, and you’ll find it at https://weekend.entrepreneur.com. And, if you want more inspiration about the concept of having it all, check out John Assaraf’s blog carnival.

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Powerful DIY Publicity Success Story

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Check out this powerful DIY publicity success story shared by one of the guests who attended my presentation last week at the Columbia Tower Club:

“On October 10th I listened to Nancy Juetten’s talk on do-it-yourself publicity. She related the story of how she started writing a column for the Snohomish County Business Journal on publicity and marketing. Getting to show her expertise, build her credentials, and practice her PR skills.With that foundation, she went on to write for the Puget Sound Business Journal, a larger business journal based in Seattle.

As the bizdev guy for my company, I want more exposure as an internet marketing expert, and for our team of internet marketing experts. So I contacted the editor of the Snohomish County Business Journal this morning, he called back, and my first column will likely be in December.

I waited nine days before acting on Nancy’s advice, but then it took about three hours between first contact and the editor agreeing that a column would be a good idea.

I didn’t read Nancy’s “Authentic Visibility Publicity Toolkit” but I guess now maybe I should… I’ll be holding out for a signed copy. You can buy the online version or read her sales letter. Thanks Nancy, look forward to talking with you more!

PS Nancy’s # is 425-641-5214.


If you are enjoying do-it-yourself publicity success based on the tips and suggestions I offer at my public events or via my Authentic Visibility information products, share your story here. It will be my pleasure to help spread the word about your DIY publicity success!

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Small Business Marketing Secrets By Audio – Hurray!

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If you missed the teleseminar on small business marketing secrets with Stacy Karacostas of www.success-stream.com, take heart.  We recorded the call, and you can listen in for free by tuning into this link: www.success-stream.com/tele_audio.htm. Stacy is extending a very special offer to those who elect to purchase her marketing plan workbook that makes it easy for you to take your company on the road to success.  Be sure to listen in between now and midnight EST, Sunday, October 21 so you can benefit.

If you have comments about the teleseminar, chime in here at the blog.  This blog is all about being of service, and I’ll know how well it’s going based on your comments.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Can You Really Have It All?

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I like what Maria Shriver had to say about having it all. She said you can have it all, but not all at once. I think having it all is a matter of pacing and timing, and it can happen. Mastering the art of pacing can be a challenge. To me, having it all means I am surrounded by a wonderful family, have meaningful and rewarding work to do that contributes to others’ success and my own, and have time and money to enjoy life and relax. Running at my current pace, time for relaxation is in short supply. My friends and colleagues at www.workingwithpower.com tell me that I can get more done if I step away from the desk and take better care of myself. That is the one area in my life where I could use a boost because there is always just so much to do.

Here is an article I wrote a couple of years ago with some of the lessons I learned during the first five years of doing business. I hope you enjoy it and gain some value from it. Read the rest…

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