Publici-Tea™ Graduate Lori Richardson Gets Huge, National Opportunity to Contribute Her Sales Coaching Expertise

9:25 am Publici-Tea™ Graduate Success Story

Publici-Tea™ Graduate Lori Richardson, founder of Score More Sales, has been blogging at for 3.5 years.  Now, that effort is paving the way for her to reach an even wider audience of potential clients. Lori checked in with me recently to report that she was a speaker at the Sales Shebang in Minneapolis at which women in sales learned from an ‘all woman’ cast of sales experts. Sales expert Jill Konrath put this great event together, and Lori was thrilled to have a place at the table.

Also, because of the fact that Dunn & Bradstreet bought AllBusiness where she blogs, Lori is now the featured sales blogger this month with – with an audience of 250,000 premium members. I asked Lori how this came about, and here is what she said.

“My situation is more like ‘luck is where preparation meets opportunity.’ Hoover’s is owned by Dun & Bradstreet, and Dun & Bradstreet recently bought  When Hoover’s was looking for more content for a month-long customer event, they turned to AllBusiness, which has over 50 blogs now. The managing editor forwarded me and one other blogger the opportunity – primarily because we write about sales. I believe part of it was because I check in with them periodically and there is some presence of mind there – and hopefully a quality product they’d want further out there in the world.”

This is just one more example of one good thing leading to another and still another.    And it started in the first place because Lori put her expertise out to the world through the power of blogging and tended carefully to be concept of always being of service to others.

You can visit Lori’s blog at this link.  You can read about the highlights from the Sales Shebang at this link.

And, now might also be a good time to consider how you can bring your message into the world with the kind of impact and reach that Lori is enjoying now.

You can get inspired with specific action items, resources, tools, and fabulous, new connections over tea and chocolate at the October 17 Grande Sized Publici-Tea hosted by yours truly and “Get Booked on Oprah Expert” Susan Harrow.   If you register before October 10 at this link, you’ll save $100 on event registration.

Successes like Lori’s can be yours when you get into the DIY publicity game.  Are you ready to play?  And, are you ready to win big like Lori Richardson?  I hope so.  Looking forward to meeting you, being of service, and supporting your success.

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One Response

  1. Lori Richardson Says:

    Thanks for mentioning me on your amazing blog. I truly feel that if I, an “accidental international thought leader on B2B sales” can stumble into some great opportunities, then anyone with a good plan and some of your great PR tools can do much more.

    In addition to my Hoover’s opportunity, I now have a weekly business “tv” show on at Your Business Channel. I just posted about it and linked to the press release on my blog at http://www.scoremoresales.

    Thanks for your endorsements, support and ideas. Any business owner would benefit by using some or all of your PR tools.

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