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Choose from among our most popular, well-reviewed, and high-value information products to guide you to share your story, broadcast your brilliance, and Get Known to Get Paid. And, if you are interested in WORKSHOPS or SERVICES/MENTORING, be sure to click on the links to learn how to welcome personal attention, handholding, and messaging magic to advance your success.


Get Your Client Attracting Story DONE Workshop LIVE$497

Benefit from 3 Group Power Calls with Nancy. Benefit from Personal Messaging Magic and Coaching in a Group Setting, Plus Proven and Powerful Tools, Training and Support for Building Big Buzz for Your Business Beyond the Bio.

Get Your Client Attracting Story DONE Virtual Workshop REPLAY$297

Includes your copy of Bye-Bye Boring Bio and all the step-by-step workshop handouts to guide you to create a client attracting bio in a world-class way. Just make your appointment to name and claim your destiny, and let the proven templates deliver you to a client attracting story all your own.

Bye-Bye Boring Bio — The Book and So Much More!$47+






Get Known to Get Paid Success Jumpstart – Ohhhh this is a powerful, supportive journey we take together. It’s perfect for the successful business owner who is SERIOUS about taking inspired action to Get Known and Get Paid as a service provider, live or virtual workshop leader or speaker, and/or as a sought-after joint venture partner.  The combination of live and self-directed learning and virtual masterminding packs a punch for coaching, content, community. The emphasis is to guide you to get seen, heard, celebrated and COMPENSATED as the expert you are with maximum support in service to you achieving BIG results.  If you are truly inspired, accept all three invitations to meet in person at 3 LIVE events with world-class experts to bring the learning alive in community. Click over, read all about it, and say YES.


Bio & Branding Wow Now Digital Webinar Series and Toolkit $297

Speak More! Marketing Strategies to Get More Speaking Business

Purchase them in sets of five at a time, shipped to a single address.

Perfect for aspiring and thriving speakers!

Tips Booklets to Boost Business and Profit from Free Publicity! $10

Bye-Bye Boring Bio Books by the Bundle!

Professional organizations, networking groups, graphic design agencies, and coaching organizations — buy books by the bundle. We can even co-brand a version with your logo on the cover for even more impact!

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Interviews to Guide Your Step-By-Easy-Step Journey to DIY Publicity and Online Visibility Success $17