Don’t be singing the “What Could Have Been Blues …” and a story to get you into action

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In April of this year, I was lucky enough to lead an intimate dinner event with some ‘movers and shakers’ up to big things. Kathi Suprata was among my honored guests. We shared a fabulous meal around a gorgeous dining room table. And our conversations were around how to raise our voices and make big impact.

Toward the end of the evening as we were wrapping up the event, we talked about the big, bold actions we were going to take as a direct result of spending that magical evening together.  Big, bold intentions were shared. And it was exciting and inspiring for all of us.

Then, Kathi serenaded us with one of her original songs — ‘The What Could Have Been Blues.” Just weeks later, Kathi went to see her doctor. She had been experiencing low grade fever and discomfort and asked her doctor to diagnose the problem.

The diagnosis in this case is cancer.

Kathi has an amazingly upbeat attitude to her situation and is inviting magic and miracles to manifest.

I want to do my part. Please send healing energy, magic and miracles in the direction of Berkeley, California where Kathi and her fiancee are making plans to beat this thing.

If you have been delaying doing anything in your life or work until SOMEDAY instead of taking action NOW, I hope Kathi’s song — ‘The What Could Have Been Blues’  — is the wake-up call you need to move forward.

You never know what tomorrow will bring.

Make the most of TODAY and speak and sing your message so it can be heard to make the impact you are here to make.

>> Finally, if you lead live events anywhere in the USA and want to bring Kathi’s music to your stage, I know Kathi would be honored and thrilled to inspire your tribes to say YES to the right opportunities that can bring their dreams alive today.

Watch her joy and listen to the lyrics. They will get you straight to the heart.

Reach her at


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Making Your Bio More Client Attracting Just Got Easier and More Convenient – Thank You Stealth Seminar

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Enjoy a full length VIDEO presentation to make your bio more client attracting. Just click here, and you are all set!

If you want to turn one of your videos into an evergreen webinar, Stealth Seminar is the service I use.  They make it so easy. Try it.

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Alex Mandossian’s Membership Site Intensive Highlights

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Almost 1000 people from around the world are participating live and via webcast in Alex Mandossian’s Membership Site Intensive taking place at the QLN Conference Center in Oceanside, California today through July 16, 2014.

Mandossian says, “The key to attracting high-end clients in today’s internet age is to engage and enroll. The days of command and control are in the rear view mirror.”

Among his best tips to attract high end clients shared so far:

== Flip Your Sales Funnel: Start with the top of the line item to attract premium clients and downsell from there. It’s a whole lot easier.

== For an immediate cash infusion, approach your most recent, most invested clients first.

== Price to eliminate problem children. After all, it’s easier to attract one $10,000 client than one hundred $100 clients.

Mandossian is making the webcast of the three-day event available to aspiring online marketers around the world to enjoy now and forever for a modest investment of $197.

In fact, he inspired his event participants to join together in the spirit of cooperation and co-opetition to see how the they could take action on the lessons learned to spread the word and invite even more virtual participation.

Luminaries including Business Bio Expert and Get Known Get Paid Mentor Nancy Juetten, the World’s Leading Relationship with Money Coach Morgana Rae, and Award-Winning Talk Show Host Raven the Talk Show Maven, among many others, have contributed valuable bonuses to make the $197 investment an even better decision.

Juetten is offering VIP seats at her popular Get Your Client Attracting Story Done Virtual Worldwide Workshop and the Joint Venture Leaderboard Secrets Virtual Mastermind she is leading with Double Profits and Fun Expert Jeanna Gabellini as bonuses for those who wisely invest in the $197 webcast of Mandossian’s Membership Marketing Intensive Livecast. Visit this link to learn more. Be sure to make your decision by noon PST on July 16, 2014 to benefit from the bonus bundle.

About Alex Mandossian:

Alex Mandossian is known as the world’s master trainer to virtual trainers.  He teaches online marketers around the globe to expose and get more marketing reach for their clear, compelling, and consistent marketing messages — faster, better, and easier.  To learn more and take advantage of his $197 offer to benefit from the 3-day Membership Marketing Intensive for which guests have invested considerably more for travel, hotel, and registration fees AND enjoy the participant bonus bundle, take action by noon PST on Wednesday, July 16, 2014.


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Can You Share YOUR Story in One Paragraph or Less? I Dare You!

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I am a big fan of the media query service known as Help a Reporter Out.  Every day, I find out about reporters, bloggers, and other people of influence who are seeking commentary or perspective from experts like me and YOU.  And because I want to get known for my expertise so I can get paid, I make a habit of replying to those queries that are a perfect fit for my own story.  You can visit the site, join for free, and start receiving queries in your in-box right now. I highly recommend it.

In my experience, the keys to standing out among a sea of replies are to follow the directions noted in the query, meet or beat the stated deadline, and put some personality into your pitch.

Several of the queries from last week asked for a one-paragraph summary of my story, and I was able to reply within minutes because my story was already on paper. And I was delighted to receive replies from both that my story was exactly what they needed. Coverage should follow very shortly and in perfect timing.

  • If you were to share YOUR story in one paragraph or less, what would you say? 
  • And are you ready to share it at a moment’s notice? 

If you want to get seen, heard, celebrated, and COMPENSATED for the expert status you own today, you have to step up and out so the right people can find you. Responding to a HARO query is a great way to get the mission accomplished.

Here is my one-paragraph example.  My challenge is for you to write one for your own company and to start sharing it with the media outlets and query posters for whom your story is a perfect fit. Come on.  I dare you!

It’s Your Story. Tell It Well. Start Today.

In the darkest days of the Great Recession, my boutique publicity agency (launched in 2001) fell on hard times. After a brief stay in “Pity Party Hotel,” I wrote a book called Bye-Bye Boring Bio: The Solopreneur’s Ultimate Action Guide to Get Seen, Heard, Celebrated and Compen$ated for Expert Status. A friend dared me to write the first draft and share it as a gift to the guests who had paid to attend a do-it-yourself publicity workshop I was leading in Portland, Oregon at her invitation. I created the first draft in three weeks because I desperately needed to find a new way to serve the marketplace in a daunting economic time. Making boring bios better for client attraction seemed like a timely way to guide others in trouble to a much-needed outcome. Today this well-reviewed and popular workbook is the foundation behind the Get Your Client Attracting Story Done Worldwide Virtual Workshop. This virtual training earns raves and results in powerful story transformations for the hundreds of action-takers who participate from English speaking nations around the world. It is also among the useful training elements in the Get Known Get Paid Success System and among the tools that clients in my Get Known to Get Paid PRIVATE Mentoring Program enjoy. And, just this week, I debuted a new GIFT BOOKLET called Heal Your Boring Business Bio Now – The Bio Doc Offers Tips and Story Makeovers to Show You How, and it’s available for free download between now and Dec. 31, 2013. A shiny New Year is fast approaching, and there are plenty of bios that still need healing for optimal client attraction. The bottom line is that my interest in better business bios saved my bacon at a time when I really needed to bring some home. The bounty continues, one book purchase, workshop, training system, and mentoring program at a time. The lesson from all of this makes me grin. When the world dishes up lemons, find a way to make lemonade. Let the healing for boring bios begin because “The Bio Doc is In.”


“OMG! Nancy’s book is a GOLDMINE of ‘bio brilliance!’ What’s especially delightful about this immensely helpful book are the before/after demonstrations of bios that go from ‘meh’ to magnificent under her tutelage. Well done, Nancy!”

 —Linda Claire Puig,


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Goldilocks is Grinning at Bio and Branding Wow Options So You Can Get What You Need Now

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You need a message that excites you and causes your ideal clients to pay attention to what you offer.  And,  I’ve been hearing from people around the world who want bio wow now, but they are struggling with scheduling or dollars. Here is the GREAT news.  You have options to meet your needs and budget.  Choose your "just right" way to get what YOU need right now.

  • The Bio and Branding Wow Now Digital Webinar Series and Toolkit guides you step by step to  create your message that will help you stand out and be remembered in a cluttered marketplace so you can make your impact and attract all the attention, clients, and money you want.   We recorded the prior LIVE session of this six-week course and created a digital toolkit that includes all the amazing bio and branding content, the Steeping Hot Seats to showcase the learning, and all of the digital tools to serve as your very helpful guides to get your bio and branding wow now on right now.  Practical value is packed within at a price that makes great business sense.

Bio and Branding Wow Now

  • Add a one-hour Build Your Buzz Strategy Session with me to refine your bio or work on another issue most important to you to build your buzz so you can attract clients, speaking gigs, and media interviews now.  
  • If you want a done for you service, consider your very own Extreme Bio Makeover.   I’ll create a story that will excite you and turn heads among your ideal clients.    This work takes time and heart, and the price point reflects that.  Happy and relieved clients who are tired of wasting their time with less than fabulous stories say it is well worth the investment.  What price do you put on making a fabulous winning impression, 24/7?

I’d love to work with you, so take a look at these options and make your "just right" choice.   I can’t wait to work together in the manner that suits your schedule and budget best.


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Here is the Replay for Christina Hills’ Website Creation Workshop Power Point Presentation

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My hat is off to Christina Hills again for doing a rock star job sharing what she has brewing with up Website Creation Workshop.  I just listened to and watched the replay of her content-rich Power Point presentation that explains exactly what she has in store.  Anyone who has been wondering if she can take control over her own WordPress site and never be beholden to a webmaster again should watch this.  And, anyone serious about filling her groups by learning from someone who obviously knows what she is doing should watch to see exactly how Christina does it.  What a pro.  Here is the link so you can tune in and benefit for the reasons that matter most in your business right now.  Registration for this year’s program closes on March 16.

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Do You Ask for Testimonials Systematically? Let Me Make It Easy for You!

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I’ve always made a practice of asking for testimonials.  Within the last few months, I set up a special page on my blog that makes it systematic for me to ask and easier than ever for clients to reply.   I learned this from Info Products Guy James Roche, and it has been working beautifully.

Here is a link that I send to happy clients as soon as our appointments are complete, at the precise time they are feeling especially fabulous about our work together.   Most clients are only too happy to reply by sending in their photos and their favorable testimonials.  Why not put something similar in place for your business by adjusting the language on this page to be a perfect fit for what you offer?

My good friend and colleague and a happy client Alice Cunningham, co-owner of Olympic Hot Tub Company, always says, “You have to make it easy to buy, easy to own, and easy to refer.”   An ongoing flow of glowing testimonials certainly can make it a whole lot easier for your ideal clients to “get to yes” faster.  And, when they do, you are fast on your way to do more of the work you love.

By the way, I can’t say enough good things about James Roche. Here is a testimonial I sent to him yesterday to thank him for the impact he has made on my business:

“Tired of going it alone and believing that great impact could be made in my business with the support of a proven and capable coach, I engaged James Roche to serve as my information products marketing coach in January of 2010. After just six content-rich telephone coaching sessions that catered to my very specific business needs and goals, I have acted on all of James’ suggestions and already welcomed at least $10,000 in new revenues to my business.  What is better is that the marketing funnel and strategy James helped me refine and the systems he helped me put in place stand ready to deliver even greater balance sheet impact over time as I stay consistent in my efforts to execute the winning strategy he coaxed out of me in record time.  What I appreciate most about James is that he shares both the big picture strategies and the nitty-gritty execution details I need to know to be systematically successful.   My confidence grows with every coaching call as my business results continue to escalate.  Thanks to lessons James modeled for me in running his own successful business, I now have greater control over my time and my life as I think bigger and serve more quality clients. Words can’t express the gratitude I feel for this benefit alone.  Thank you James.”

With gratitude,

Nancy Juetten

Late last year, I followed a tip from Alice Cunningham to share a testimonial about good results I experienced with paid advertising with the vendor.   That testimonial I provided to Help a Reporter Out Founder Peter Shankman ended up on the pages of Inc. Start-Up Toolkit Blog!  The lesson here?  One good thing most always leads to another.

All this is to say that as wonderful as it is to receive testimonials, it is also fabulous to give quality testimonials. especically when the impact of someone’s work on your behalf is so meaningful.

Authentic Visibility Tip of the Day: Take a moment to send a quality testimonial to someone in your business network who is making a significant impact on your success.   Then, tell me what happens next!  No doubt, good things will unfold in ways too priceless to count.

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The New and Enhanced “N” List Debuts Today

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So many people ask me about the time-tested and proven resources I use and recommend to earn expert status and execute many of the initiatives that drive my business forward.  Today, you can visit “The N List” tab at this blog to see an extensive list of the vendors and services I use to do a whole variety of things.  From my favorite online press kit provider to my favorite graphic artist to my favorite local business journal,  I never recommend a product or service I haven’t used myself to enjoy remarkable results.  Check out the list and see if the solution to a problem you are experiencing in your business can be solved with these resources.  As I learn of and use additional resources that can lend fuel to your DIY publicity and online visibility success momentum, I’ll update the list.  Enjoy.

And, let me send a word of thanks to Book Publishing Expert Dan Poynter, who writes an informative and helpful newsletter about self publishing.   He advocated for the Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Guide to his readers in today’s edition.  Love that.  Thanks Dan!   If book publishing is on your list, sign up for Dan’s ezine.

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