Do You Suffer from “They Loved Me, But They Didn’t Buy From Me” Disease?

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Truth be told, I suffered from this ailment for quite a while.

I accepted invitations to speak, spent hours to create original material, and rehearsed my presentations for hours before showing up live or by webinar to deliver them.

With high hopes and even higher expectations, I would show up and deliver the best content I knew how to deliver. 

And, sad to say, my results were disappointing.

What I wanted was to welcome a rush to the back of the room or to my online shopping cart to invest in the products or programs I was promoting.  Instead, I’d welcome warm applause, new fans and friends, and go home with a basket of business cards and disappointing sales.

Not only did they love me and not buy from me, I was guilty of a number of sins as a presenter.

== I over delivered on content and went “over the arc” way too often. That didn’t invite sales and created exhaustion for me.

== I needed to rethink the value of structure and shift my thinking to believe that “structure is friend not foe.” For an artist like me, that was BIG.

== My program descriptions needed a booster shot of results based titles to be even more action inducing.  This was a “duh moment” for sure.

== Being a student of the structure and the template is one thing. Learning to put ME in the presentation was another thing entirely.  I was fighting that tooth and nail.

It was maddening to tell you the truth.  For as hard as I was working, my results were just not good enough.

At the end of 2013, I got to that “now or never” point where something had to change.

I got serious about finding a teacher to guide my transformation as a virtual workshop leader and speaker.  Master Workshop Leader and Trainer Callan Rush offered many of her best content for free last November to help ease my pain. I quickly consumed her book, event filling blue print, and special report and got serious about improving my results. 

So impressed I was with the quality of her free materials that I invested in her Magnetize, Monetize, and Mesmerize training. 

I declared 2014 to be my year to significantly improve the design and delivery of my offerings for BIG results.

My results have been specific, terrific, and they keep getting better. 

== I attended the Magnetize training in January of 2014.  En route home from Canada to Bellevue, I wrote an email to serve my tribe with powerful education and sent it when I arrived home.  To my delight, I earned back my full tuition in the three programs within 48 hours with paid enrollments in my own Worldwide Virtual Get Your Story Done Workshop.

== Clients, fans, and followers have noticed the change in my presentations and voted with their purchases at the shopping cart and in th back of the room when I speak.

== Year to date for 2014, my sales are up 30%.

== Now that I have a proven way to structure and deliver my presentations, I spend significantly less time preparing new material so my focus can be on delivering the material I create with impact, authenticity, and PRESENCE.

== I think the biggest lesson I have learned from participating in the training is to bring my full self to every talk — in all my colors.  The more REAL I am, the better my results. 



When this student was ready, the right teacher appeared, and my business is so much better today as a result.

So, if you are sick and tired of suffering from “They Loved Me, But They Didn’t Buy From Me” disease and it is time to bring in the relief, take a close look at the free training Callan Rush is offering to open your eyes to a better way to design and deliver your programs.   It absolutely paid off for me.

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Sassy Soundbites and Audio Highlights from the Marketing with a Book and a Speech Summit

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It was a full house at the Marketing with a Book and a  Speech Summit in Seattle in Saturday.  We laughed and learned from the likes of Henry DeVries, Bill Stainton,Mark LeBlanc … and yours truly.   Wish you all could have been in room, and reading this blog post is the next best thing to being there.

They Laughed and Cried and Couldn’t Put it Down:

  • Dorthoy Wilhelm: “Dear Nancy and Bill, I just want to thank you two for doing the Northwest proud with your presentations yesterday at the Book and A Speech Summit.  There was so much valuable, usable information, and I think the fact that you could offer material so valuable to experienced speakers and writers, and beginners, leaving out no one in between was nothing short of incredible. It was as if I heard the last pieces I needed to put my new plan together.  Of course, Mark and Henry are wonderful – but you’re our very own!  Thanks again.”
  • Jennifer Malocha: ” TREMENDOUS!!!!”
  • Anna Goldworthy:  “Once again, Nancy has knocked it out of the park by hosting the Marketing with a Book and a Speech Summit at Verity Credit Union in Seattle. The presenters were top notch, inspiring, and held nothing back. The Summit wildly exceeded our expectations. Thanks to Mark LeBlanc, Henry DeVries, Bill Stainton, and the incomparable Nancy Juetten! The overriding philosophy of ‘write the darn book!’ has put Nina and I on track to publish our book in 90 days!”
  • Tammy Lyon Westergaard: “My head is full of incredible info from the Marketing with a Book and Speech Summit today organized by the fabulous Nancy Juetten. I think I’ll just go ahead and outline my book now… :)

Sassy Soundbites from the Speakers to Propel Serious Authors and Speakers Forward:

  • On writing a ‘warm up’ book for seniors:  “You can write a small book with big type.”  — Mark LeBlanc
  • Give your audience everything, trust that the rest will work itself out.” — Mark LeBlanc
  • “Don’t fall in love with your potential.  Take action.”  — Mark LeBlanc
  • “Stay in the game and hurry up.”  Mark LeBlanc
  • “Ask yourself this question.  What is my primary speaking topic for a defined period of time?” — Mark LeBlanc
  • “When setting fees for keynotes and speaking, consider your fee range based on a variety of variables — length of program, geography, type of organization, number of people in the audience, the number of programs to be offered for the event (keynote, breakout session, etc.), and factors such as whether the organization will purchase books in quantity and how the organization prefers expenses to be handled.”  — Mark LeBlanc
  • “Would you be open to a conversation?” is a great way to open the doors to new business.”  — Henry DeVries
  • On project scope creep:   “Yes, we can do that.  And there is a cost associated with that.”  — Henry DeVries
  • Before inviting questions and answers from the audience, say this:  “I’ve got one more story, but before I share it, what questions do you have for me?”  — Bill Stainton, on making sure every talk ends on a high note.
  • “Practice the art of the pause when delivering humor.   And when you start to bomb, slow down!” — Bill Stainton

From me, Nancy Juetten:

  • “People don’t want to by your program, they want to buy your results.”
  • “To attract clients, focus on the who, how and wow.”
  • “What can you offer that eases a pain for your audience that they need, want and will pay to get?”
  • Of course there was a very sassy soundbite having something to do with what happens when you sleep with a publicist, but you would have had to be there to get the joke.  And it just about brought the house down.  (I wrote a press release for my husband Steve Juetten about Smart Money Rules from a Bellevue Fee Only Financial Planner, inspired by Downton Abbey that earned some very compelling results …)
  • If you want to LISTEN TO my 30 minute talk, you can.  Here is the MP3 audio file.
  • Here are more tips from yours truly around building your platform now so when your book, speech, either or both are ready, there is a ready audience of fans, followers and advocates standing by to invest wisely in what you have to offer.

A good time was had by all, and I can’t wait to see what happens when everyone takes action on what LeBlanc calls the “will do” list in the next 30, 60 and 90 days.    What is on YOUR list?  Share, and let’s keep you accountable for your results!




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Top Ten Ways to Attract Clients with Books and Speaking — Thank You Henry DeVries

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In 1985, I enrolled in an Introduction to Public Relations course at UC San Diego.   That was a course that changed the trajectory of my life.  Henry DeVries was the instructor, and I still remember that first class as if it was yesterday.   There must have been 40 students in that classroom.  By the end of the session, he knew each of our names and something personal about each of us.   And Henry was able to demonstrate that, right then and there, by introducing us all to each other.  

Not long after that, there was this assignment to write a press release about the unusual sex habits of the Komodo Dragons at the San Diego Zoo.   You could say I hit the ball out of the park because Henry wrote a “teacher’s note” on my graded paper that said, “This is very well done.  You will go far.”   I saved that graded paper and considered it powerful fuel to catapult my dream to first create my boutique publicity company and later to create the publicity tools and training company I run today.  Here I am, still a fan of Henry DeVries as a teacher, mentor and friend.   I am proud to share a guest blog post from Henry DeVries to guide you to attract clients with books and speaking.  Henry, Mark LeBlanc, Bill Stainton, and me will be hosting our own Marketing with a Book and a Speech live event in Seattle on Feb. 2.  I hope you’ll consider coming. All details are noted in the link, and a short application is required.

Take it away Henry!

“With a book, you’re able to demonstrate that you understand like no one else the specific nature of the problems that your prospects face,” best-selling author Michael Levin recently told the New York Times. “I always recommend targeting a niche with a book instead of writing for the general public,” added the noted ghostwriter. “Write exactly for the people you’re trying to sell to. Show them that you understand their problems and that you offer solutions. In a book, you can lay out everything that you do to solve these problems. The goal is that if your book is generous enough with information, they’ll say, ‘I could do this on my own, but I would be much better off hiring the author to solve this problem for me.’ That’s the result we’re looking for. That’s why you want a book.”

What groundwork should you lay before you write a book? There is a proven process for marketing with integrity and getting an up to 400% to 2000% return on your marketing investment. At the Marketing With a Book and Speech Summit we call it the Educating Expert Model, and the most successful professional service and consulting firms use it to get more clients than they can handle. The findings of our 8-year, $2 million research study about how the most successful professional and consulting firms use this model were published in our book, Client Seduction.

Here is the Reader’s Digest version. Before you can begin attracting clients, you need to create a marketing genetic code that is attractive to clients. All of your marketing messages, from networking discussions to speeches, will contain the elements of this marketing DNA that positions you as the Educating Expert.

Here are 10 steps that will help you create these all-important marketing genes.

1. Create a business name or a website name that gives potential clients a hint at the results you can produce for them. The worst possible business name or website name is your name. I know, I know, McKinsey and Price Waterhouse are named after the founders. But you are not them. Sorry to say, clients don’t want us, they want results.

2. Write a headline for your website and marketing materials that describes your audience and the results you produce for them. Do this in no more than 10 words. Mine is “We help professionals and consultants attract all the clients they want.”

3. Name your client’s pain. What are your client’s worries, frustrations and concerns that you help solve? This is also called the FUD factor: fear, uncertainty and doubt.

4. Describe your solution or methodology for solving these pains. What process do you follow to produce results? Offering a proprietary problem-solving process that you name and trademark is best. This answers the all-important question in their minds: “Why should I do business with you instead of one of your competitors?”

5. State the common misperception that holds many back from getting results. Why doesn’t everybody do what you named in step 4?

6. Tell your clients what they need to do in general to solve their problem. Pretend they weren’t hiring you and you had to describe the steps they should take for success.

7. List any other benefits they get from following your methods. What other good things do people get when they do what you advise?

8. Elaborate on your track record of providing measurable results for clients. Be specific as much as possible. Use numbers, percentages and time factors.

9. Create a website with free tips articles on how to solve these pains. Each article should be about 300 to 600 words. What’s a good format? Consider the numbered tips approach you are reading right now (easy to write, easy to read).

10. Make prospects an offer of a free special report on your website. You are offering to trade them a valuable piece of information for their email address. Tell them they will also receive a tips enewsletter from you. Assure them you will maintain their privacy and they can easily opt off your list any time they want.

Henry DeVries, marketing scientist and ghostwriter, is an expert on typing and talking: how to maximize revenues by writing books and making speeches. He speaks to thousands of consultants and service professionals each year, teaching them proven tactics that bring them new clients. Along with his best-selling books — How to Close a Deal Like Warren Buffett, Self-Marketing Secrets, Client Seduction, and Pain Killer Marketing — the buzz building tools of Henry DeVries have been used to dramatically increase revenues and leverage marketing budgets for two decades. In addition to authoring his own books, he ghostwrites at least four books a year. His goal is to win the Nobel Prize in Marketing. As a ghostwriter and editor for professionals and consultants, he has worked on 43 book projects in the last six years. His proposals have earned five-figure advances for clients. His latest best-selling book, How to Close A Deal Like Warren Buffett, co-authored with Vistage speaker Tom Searcy, was published by McGraw-Hill in November of 2012 and was the #1 sales and marketing book on He has published with the top five publishers, privately published, independently published and association published, and personally knows the dos and don’ts of all current publishing options. He also has relationships with some of the most respected agents in the business and has launched and supported columns in,, metro daily newspapers and CBS MoneyWatch helping clients to gain credibility, free publicity and larger reach. To apply for a no-cost seat at his private, invitation-only “Marketing With a Book and Speech Summit” on February 2, 2013 in Seattle, please go to

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Lessons Learned from My Dad that Fuel My Life, Work, and Contribution Today — Thanks Ron Soble

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Today, March 28, is the day of my father’s birth.  And, sadly, veteran actor of stage and screen Ron Soble passed away May 2, 2002 at age 74.   Being the publicist in the family, it was my job to write the obituary that traveled far and wide in the entertainment news.  I also spoke at the service to celebrate his life before an audience of life-long friends, neighbors, family members, and Hollywood celebrities.    Hundreds of people came to honor his contributions to the entertainment industry.

Dad studied public speaking at the University of Michigan.  His screen credits are many as his bio reveals.

In 2002, I didn’t know the role that public speaking would play in own life.  Until I met Patricia Fripp in 2009, I had never before taken a speech class.  One thing I did know was that my way with words would be my vehicle to make my own impact in life and work. Today, a decade after Dad’s passing, I’ve found a way to do both to make my own contribution. The truth is that I learned far more about PR by watching Dad in action than anything I learned in business school. Growing up around someone who loved the spotlight taught me a lot.  It’s one of the reasons I am skilled at guiding others to claim their place in the light in this work I do today.

Ours was not an easy relationship. Despite our differences, the way he lived his life left a lasting impression and many lessons from which others can benefit. Today, on the date of his birth, I share those timely and timeless lessons with you.

When choosing your mate, make sure you get it right. My dad was fortunate to meet my mom early in life, and she stuck by him in good and bad times, in sickness and health, though career highs and lows, and for everything in between. Dad and Mom got it right.

Make good friends and keep them. Dad made friends from grade school, high school, college, and throughout his life. And he kept them. That’s richness beyond measure.

Choose work you love, and don’t look back. There’s nothing worse than going to the coal mine every day to do work you loathe. Dad made a career choice that spoke to his passion, and he stuck with it. There was never a question about doing something else to make ends meet. Doing what he loved was the only option.  There is wisdom in that.

Believe what you believe, and defend what you value. My dad’s commitment to the rights of the working actor kept him fighting for the cause for years, and thousands of artists now benefit from his efforts. That is a lasting legacy.

Find your voice and use it. Dad was one to tell it like it is in language that would make a sailor blush. But he got his message across. You always knew where you stood with him. There’s something to be said for that.

It’s never too late to do something really wonderful. Dad gave my mom a simple wedding band when they married. Not too long before his passing, he ventured out to a jeweler friend and purchased a wedding set and diamond for my mom, after 48 years of marriage.  He also started wearing his wedding ring. It’s never too late to get things right. In his final months, he sat alongside the bathtub to watch my toddler son take a bath. There’s nothing better than a little splish-splash in the bath to bring grins all around and create an abiding memory.

If you’ve got things to resolve with folks, find a way to make that happen. In his own way, he told me he was sorry for what had gone wrong with our relationship. That was a treasured, healing moment for us both.

As parents, we all hope that we are going to get that right, too. You hope your babies will be born healthy. You hope that you will be able to give them every opportunity. You hope they will do well in school, graduate from college, and create lives that make them happy.

My parents had two daughters. They gave us every opportunity to find our unique strengths and talents. We ventured into the world to choose wonderful husbands who are involved, supportive fathers to our children. We have both selected careers that allow us to express our unique talents and abilities and live lives that are consistent with our values.

It’s a wonderful thing to look back on my father’s life and see that – despite the differences we shared — good things are still unfolding for our own children as a result of the lessons we learned from Dad along the way.

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Academy Awards, Know-Like-Trust and “The King’s Speech”

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It’s a week before the Academy Awards, and there is plenty of buzz about “The King’s Speech” as a contender for best film and a whole lot more.  This is among the best film’s I’ve seen in years.  And the film conveys a message that is relevant to share here about the Know-Like-Trust Factor.

The King could have hired the most highly credentialed speech therapist on Earth to help him overcome his stammer.  At the end of the day, he engaged someone he liked and trusted.  He hired someone who listened well.  Regardless of the absence of “best of breed” credentials, the King hired this man to get the job done.  Together, they made it happen.  And that speech therapist was ultimately Knighted for his remarkable and important personal service.

The Know-Like-Trust Factor counts for a lot.  Always has.  Always will.

To learn even more, be sure to tune into Bill Baren’s Know-Like-Trust Online Event that starts on Monday.  Just as “The King’s Speech” is a must-see film, Bill’s event is not to be missed, as well.

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Is Your Speaker Sheet Inviting Compensation? Listen in for Tips You Can Take to the Bank

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If you want to step into a speaking career, creating a compelling speaker sheet that invites meeting planners to say “yes” right away is a great place to start.  This morning, as a guest on Diane Bridwater’s Blog Talk Radio Show, I shared tips to guide the listeners to do exactly that.   You can listen in at DianeBridwater-SpeakerSheetTips_mp3.  Enjoy!

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Headlines Matter — Make Every Word Count and Compel

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You could have the most important message to share, but if the headline you use to introduce your message falls flat, your message doesn’t have a chance.  In this month’s issue of Behind the Podium, a members-only newsletter for aspiring speakers from SpeakerMatch, a meeting planner who makes decisions about keynote speakers had this to say:

“I have to tell you … I’m scrolling through my list of applications.  You might want to let the speakers know … if that paragraph that I see next to their name in my list doesn’t capture my attention, I am rejecting.  If it does, I will read, and I am keeping those that catch my attention to go through.  There have been a couple that had only one sentence or nothing, and I rejected them.”

— Christine Ross, 3M Personal Care Division

Another speaker resource who is creating a directory of world-class women speakers called me in a panic this week because the speakers who were submitting their 150-word bios were not delivering quality messages.  Many of them had to be re-written at the 11th hour in time to meet their production deadline.

With that said, if you have only 150 words to say who you are, the value you bring, and the message you deliver, what would you say?   My advice is to get that message prepared so when the next great speaking or media interview opportunity comes your way, you won’t have to scramble.  You’ll just welcome the call and gracefully say YES to the great opportunity to make a difference for others and your own growing business.   I just updated my speaker page to showcase the 150 words I most want meeting planners to see.  Check it out.

Let me know if the headline resonates for YOU.  To learn more about writing compelling headlines, check out this popular post at The Buzz Bin.

Speaking of headlines, I’ll have the wonderful opportunity to interview John Eggen for a free teleseminar taking place on Thursday, June 24 at 5 p.m.   Eggen is the founder of Mission Publishing Mentors.  He is also the creator and compiler of the international best-selling book entitled “Get the Business Breakthrough You Want.”   The title of the presentation is:

How to Create a Client Attracting Book Fast

that Generates Up to $150,000 in Revenue Before It is Published.

That, my friends,  is a compelling headline!  I’ll have more to share about this important interview in the days ahead, including the link to make it easy for you to reserve your place on the LIVE call.   You won’t want to miss your opportunity to speak in real time with Eggen to get YOUR questions answered.

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Aspiring Experts – Join Nancy Juetten on Wed., Jan. 6 at ThinkSpace to Learn Tips to Get Known

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The good folks at ThinkSpace in Redmond have invited me to speak to their members and ten non-member guests on Wed., January 6 at noon about how to get known as an expert through the power of the media.  Be among the first ten people to RSVP to, and you’ll be secured of a space.  Here is a link to learn more.

And, if you live in the Redmond area and need a new co-working space to make magic happen in your business in the new year, check out what ThinkSpace has to offer.

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Aspiring Speakers — Have You Checked Out SpeakerMatch Yet?

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If you are an aspiring professional speaker, you will benefit from learning more about SpeakerMatch. This is the only service of its kind when it comes to matching speakers and speaking opportunities. SpeakerMatch reaches emerging professional speakers, business leaders, technical gurus, educators, and other subject-matter experts who want to communicate what they know. There is no better service available for event organizers who need to reach this very diverse group of experts who speak.

SpeakerMatch is the brainchild of Bryan Caplovitz, a former business technology consultant. In trying to build market share for his consulting firm, Bryan saw the need for somewhere non-professional speakers could find speaking opportunities. As it became clear that organizations had trouble finding speakers as well, he knew there was a great opportunity to fill a need. He saw the internet as an ideal way to bring speakers and opportunities together, and SpeakerMatch was born.

One of the benefits of membership is a subscription to “Behind the Podium” — a printed newsletter that is packed full of actionable tips to advance your career as a speaker. Oh by the way, an article from yours truly appears on the cover of this month’s issue.  It’s called “Project a Professional Image by Putting Your Best Face Forward.”   I am told that 1,000 people receive this newsletter, so that’s a targeted group of professionals who now know a bit more about how I can help them get seen, heard, and celebrated.  Love that.  The newsletter team found this article among my many submissions to I posted this article to this site in April of 2006, and it is still working hard for me.

Visit this link to explore how SpeakerMatch can support your aspirations and plans to speak.  And if you haven’t yet started posting articles about your expertise to, when will you start?

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And a Partridge and a Pear Tree …. Whew! What a Year of DIY Publicity Action

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On the day after Christmas, I took a look back at my activities for the year and let out scream of glee.  I enjoyed many fabulous opportunities to empower others with the value and impact of free publicity.

In addition to providing public relations and storytelling services to Seattle Chocolate Company, Olympic Hot Tub Company, the Association of Corporate Growth – Seattle, Highline Medical Center, Graebel Quality Movers, Cascade BankZookHooks Inc. and a few other fabulous clients with great stories to tell, I delivered:

A fabulous media placement for Seattle Chocolate Company in O The Oprah Magazine!  Earning a placement in this magazine has been a goal of mine for years.  Now, I can proudly say I’ve achieved it!

One TV interview on KOMO TV 4 with Dr. Mehmet Oz, who came to Seattle at Highline Medical Center’s invitation to empower and ‘wow’ the hundreds of women who attended his keynote presentation offering essential and practical health advice;

One fabulous broadcast feature about Frangos (created by Seattle Chocolate Company!) on KING 5 TV’s ever-popular Evening Magazine;

One new product introduction to benefit women newly diagnosed with breast cancer and support business owners in their quest to earn free publicity called the Publici-Tea™-TO-GO! Gift Bundle;

Two product sales to offer my followers access to Authentic Visibility information products at special savings;

Four radio interviews on Chat with Women, the Dr. Pat Show, the Small Business Innovators Radio Show with Paul Casey, and Bellevue Today with Kevin Henry.

Four Winning Bio Writing Workshops;

Six teleseminars with local and national business building/publicity experts including PR Secrets CEO Susan Harrow, Practical Marketing Expert Stacy Karacostas, Patrick Snow, the Independent Practitioners Alliance for the Public Relations Society of America, Street Smarts Marketer Kathleen Gage, and PR Leads Founder Dan Janal;

Six marketing booths at local networking events such as International Networking Day in Seattle and the eWomenNetwork;

Eight articles to empower the independent business owners who belong to BizNik;

Nine Publici-Tea™ Workshops;

Ten Do-it-Yourself Publicity Video Vignettes;

Twelve “Media Savvy” newspaper columns for the Puget Sound Business Journal (search “Nancy Juetten” to find them conveniently online);

Fourteen speeches about DIY publicity to quality organizations such as:

  1. The National Association of Professional Organizers – Bellevue Chapter
  2. The Women in Business Forum for the Bellevue Chamber
  3. The Go Mobile Advertising National Affiliate Conference
  4. The Alternative Board – Seattle
  5. The Kirkland Chamber of Commerce Panel Discussion on Local Publicity
  6. The North Seattle Community College Network Breakfast
  7. The Snohomish Tourism Bureau
  8. The Marketplace Ministries Networking Luncheon, Auburn, WA
  9. The Women’s Entrepreneur Organization (WEO) in Portland, Oregon
  10. Women Business Owners Networking Lunch
  11. Factoria Rotary
  12. Money Wise Business Women Conference
  13. Northwest Entrepreneur Network “Think Tank” Panel on Free Publicity
  14. The Third Thursday Professional Development Seminar for the Seattle Design Center

Fifteen Rent-Nancy’s-PR-Brain Appointments;

Twenty-Six Authentic Visibility Ezines;

Over 300 blog posts;

And thousands of opportunities to connect with motivated, inspired business owners in the Puget Sound region and beyond through this blog, social networks, and other networking and media relations activities.  It’s rewarding to be part of a community of business owners who share my belief that great success and remarkable results await for those who get into inspired DIY publicity action.

I don’t just preach the power of DIY publicity.  I consistently apply it to my own business, and the results are powerful — even in today’s challenging economy.

I am grateful for every opportunity I’ve been offered and earned to share what I know about publicity to support your success and my own.  And, I am grateful the year is fast coming to a close so I can take a breath and set powerful and positive intentions to serve in the New Year.

So with all that said, here is advice I often share that is well worth repeating.  Consider the five most powerful lead generation strategies you have put in place in 2008 and ask yourself how consistently you have applied them.   Then, think carefully about the best combination of activities you intend to deploy powerfully and consistently in the New year, based on the results your efforts have brought forth so far. I have always found that the combination of power and consistency is the key to unlocking DIY publicity success and any other kind of success you seek.

Since I am someone who is amazingly consistent with DIY publicity, I know for sure which activities have delivered the greatest impact and which one’s haven’t.   I intend to do some strategic pruning to make sure just about every move I make is productive and fun so I can save some valuable time to relax, recharge, and just be.

One thing I know works extraordinarily well for serving business owners and inviting new opportunities to be of service is public speaking, and I am actively seeking new engagements for 2009.  If you or organizations you know are looking for DIY publicity inspiration to empower business owners to higher levels of success, I’d be honored to contribute as a speaker.  The timing to roll up the sleeves and share your message could not be better, and the satisfaction of doing it yourself is good for your soul and your balance sheet.

If you are game to get into do-it-yourself publicity action on January 9, 2009, sign up today for one of the 12 remaining seats at the Publici-Tea™ Half-Day Workshop taking place at The Village Bellevue from 12:30 – 5 p.m.   You can read all the fabulous testimonials from prior guests and sign up conveniently by clicking on this convenient link. And, here is a special offer.  If you wish to bring your marketing assistant or other essential co-collaborator with you to the January 9 Publici-Tea™, you can enjoy a $100 savings on your guest’s event tuition when you call me at 425-641-5214 or send me email at to secure that reservation.   When the 12th seat is taken for the January 9, 2009 event, this offer expires, so act quickly to benefit from this high value offer that will set up your 2009 DIY publicity program for inspired action and results.

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