Bellevue Reporter Shines a Light on Main Street Media Savvy to Empower DIY Publicity and Bio Success

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The Bellevue Reporter — my community newspaper — shines a light on my business in this story link.

If you are wondering how I made this happen, check out the email story pitch I sent to Reporter Lindsay Larin to invite her interest.   I followed up with a phone call, the interview was scheduled, and now the story is reaching all of my Bellevue neighbors in perfect timing to support their DIY publicity success.

Hi Lindsay,

As a resident of Bellevue and a regular reader of the Bellevue Reporter, I am connecting with you today to share a story that locals may find useful and of timely interest, especially since the economy is giving so many people a run for the money right now.

No matter what we are doing to make our ways in the world — running a business, working for others, freelancing, or contributing in some other important way — everyone needs a bio that makes them fun, memorable, and magnetic so more of the right opportunities can come their way. The fact is that most people struggle with the idea of self promotion.  Many suffer from humility disease. Whether people intend to seek out free publicity or just connect with people in a winning way in person or online via the social networks, they need a great way to share their stories so the right people will listen.

The good news is that I have just created the “Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action eGuide” that helps people get this done with speed, ease, and impact.   I would be honored if you would see fit to review this guide for the readers of the Bellevue Reporter and/or consider doing an interview that would address some of the most essential elements that any bio should include to attract more of the right opportunities to their door.

The recipe that works so well for getting this mission accomplished includes the following ingredients: stunning results, succinct stories, sassy sound bites, and social information to help ideal clients connect with you. You can watch a fun video of me broadcasting from the backyard deck of my Somerset home at as I speak about this new tool.   I was fortunate to be featured in a July 2007 issue of the Bellevue Reporter in connection with the Authentic Visibility Publicity Toolkit I created to empower business owners to earn their own publicity without spending a fortune.   A photographer from the Bellevue Reporter came to meet me in my Bellevue backyard to talk about the toolkit.

I have found a way to be of service to my own neighbors and beyond from the comforts of a home office, and the view from here inspires me to create even more ways to be of service.  People are raving about how I help them.

Please let me know if you are game to review this new tool that debuted quietly last week and is selling briskly from the online shopping cart at my DIY Publicity Blog at  I’ll be happy to send the PDF file your way and offer sassy sound bites to make for a compelling interview to delight and inform your readers. Thank you for your consideration. I will follow up with you by phone in a few days, unless I hear from you first! Thank you for your time and consideration.

Nancy Juetten,

DIY Publicity Tip: If you ask for what you want, you often get what you ask for.  I wanted a story in my community newspaper to bring attention to the ways I support my neighbors’ business success.  I asked for what I wanted and made the information relevant to the readers.   A story resulted.

What do YOU want to have happen for your business and how you contribute to the marketplace?  Where is the best media placement to share that story?  And are you ready to ask for what you want so you can achieve the awareness you are after?

When you are ready to get into action, study this story pitch and present your own story to the right reporter at your community newspaper in a way that will invite attention to your product, cause, service, or idea, while serving the readers.    Great results await.

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Story Idea Lands on Front Page of an Industry Trade Journal

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A few months ago, David Cox, general manager of Graebel Quality Movers, got in touch with me to share how a group of typically competitive moving companies joined together in collaboration to do something really wonderful for women and children in need.

The more we spoke about it, the more clear it became that we had a good story to tell in one of the leading trade magazines in the relocation industry.  This week, the tale is integrated within the cover story for Mobility Magazine.   Click on the active link to read all about it.

Now, all the participating organizations can share this article with their clients, referral sources, and employees to demonstrate that even in tough times, magic can manifest when people pull together to make a powerful difference.  That is a welcome message, especially given the daunting economic times we all face.

DIY Publicity Tip: What are the trade journals that the influential people in your industry read?  Is there an avenue within them to share tips, stories, expertise, or information to help others in the industry navigate the marketplace to achieve winning outcomes?  Visit the “press kit” section of the websites for the trade industry publications that have influence for your business.  Read about the writer’s guidelines and study the editorial calendar to identify suitable opportunities to contribute.   And, of course, read the publication so you know enough about it to make a winning pitch to the editor.   In the case of Mobility magazine, I have read the magazine for a number of years, know the editor, and have familiarity with the magazine format.   When I called him by phone to suggest a story, I suggested a column for “The Last Page” column in the magazine.   It was delightful serindipity that the story became part of the cover feature.   Ask for what you want, deliver what you promise, and good things happen.  Try this for yourself, and let me know how well it works for you.  I’ll gladly blog about your success.

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Check Out the Fabulous Profile about Chocolate Chick Jean Thompson in the February Issue of Reflections Magazine

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Check out this fabulous profile about Chocolate Chick Jean Thompson, CEO of Seattle Chocolate Company, in the February issue of Reflections magazine.  This profile shares her journey from stay-at-home mom to CEO, which is inspiring reading to say the least.

Jean is a member of the Bellevue Club and is one of the regulars in the club’s early morning spinning classes.  When I found that out, I immediately got in touch with the editor of the magazine because shining a light on its own members is a high priority.  Now, that story idea has turned into a fabulous profile, just in time to invite Valentine’s Day purchases.  Sometimes, it takes a few months to earn the thrill of the publicity you seek, and stories like this are well worth the wait.

Take heart knowing that 100% of the net profits from the sale of Survivor Chick Chocolates and the Extreme Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar are donated to women’s cancer charities.  That makes the choice of giving and receiving Seattle Chocolate Company chocolates this Valentine’s Day or any day especially good for the heart and the soul.

Speaking of which, Jean’s “Small Businesses Give Big” story is featured in a new book by the same title.  Check it out at this link.

It’s all just great news for a Saturday evening.  Enjoy, and give Seattle Chocolates to your heart’s content today and every day.

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Publici-Tea Trainer Takes Own Advice and Earns a Story in Tacoma News Tribune

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Check out this fabulous story in the Tacoma News Tribune about the inspiration behind the Publici-Tea™ Half-Day Workshop and how it is helping others. Tacoma News Tribune Columnist Dan Voelpel and Michele McGehee, publisher of South Sound Woman magazine, will each have places at the table at tomorrow’s Tacoma event, offering guests access to the straight skinny about what they are looking for. I’ve got 25 guests coming, and I can hardly wait.

And, to show you the power of publicity, the owner of the Mad Hat Tea Company saw the article in the paper and called today to offer to be the tea sponsor for tomorrow’s event.  Now, my guests will sample glorious teas from a passionate business owner in their own backyard as they savor the Publici-Tea™ inspiration.  How cool is that?

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What a Week! Oprah, CBS This Morning, the Seattle PI, and the Puget Sound Business Journal!

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If every week could be like this week for my clients in the media, I’d be a happy camper indeed.

extremedarktrufflebarlores.jpgThe week started in an 8 a.m. phone call from a style editor at O Magazine, confirming that Seattle Chocolate Company’s new Extreme Dark Truffle Bars with 100% of the net profits to benefit breast cancer charities will be photographed and featured in the October issue of the magazine. O Magazine! These products will soon be available at thousands of grocery stores across the nation, making it easy to treat yourself to delicious dark chocolate and give back to women who deserve a cure for breast cancer at the same time.

Then, I got word from The Gadget Guy himself that the Aqua Reader from the e-store at Olympic Hot Tub Company would be featured in a video segment to air in 20 major markets across the USA AND be featured on CBS This Morning this coming Saturday.

Yesterday, the Seattle Post Intelligencer ran a story about how candy sales are sweet even in a sour economy, and Seattle Chocolate Company CEO Jean Thompson provided commentary and sales data for the story.

Biscot-TeaAnd, today the Puget Sound Business Journal ran a great story about the business owner who created Biscot-Tea™ as a result of an “aha” moment he had while ordering tea at a local Starbucks. (Note, the full text is available to subscribers only, so if you are not yet a subscriber, buy a copy of the paper at better news stands around the Puget Sound region.)

I love the big ink because it helps my clients look big in the media and lends powerful momentum to their missions to bring more of what they offer to the nation.

Just for fun, here is an excerpt from the pitch I shared with the reporter in April with Puget Sound Business Journal Dierdre Gregg to bring Laurance Milner, founder and creator of Biscot-Tea™, to her attention. She connects with me from time to time to ask about interested local retail stories that might be a perfect fit for the paper:

This businessman who lives on the Eastside and who is originally from South Africa with 30 years in the food business walks into a Starbucks for a really good cup of Earl Grey tea. He asks the barista what he has in the bakery case for a died-in-the-wool tea drinker. Most of the items in the bakery case are too sweet to be a perfect complement for tea. That was Laurance Milner’s “aha” moment. He then created Biscot-Tea™ — English shortbread made from the essence of real tea. This is fast growing into a $1 million dollar business. Milner was an award-winner at the Fancy Food Show earlier this year for his latest innovation. The products can be found at better grocery stores around town and beyond. He is proof positive that great ideas are waiting, right under our noses if we just have the insight to see the opportunity and act. You can learn more at

The funny thing is, he learned about my Publici-Tea™ events and said that his product and my event would be perfect partners. He was right! Now, I serve Biscot-Tea™ at all of my events, and there are never any leftovers.

This brief pitch gets to the “why we should care” part of the story in a way that enlists interest. It is conversational in tone, and it is clear I prepared this message specifically for this reporter. I called out how this product earned major industry honors at a prestigious trade show. I hinted at the significance of his sales growth with real numbers. And, please note that I made the pitch in April, and the story debuted in July. This proves that good stories are worth the wait. Keep these tips in mind as you prepare winning pitches for influential members of the media who have the power to take your story far and wide.

And, if you want to taste Biscot-Tea, register for the August 15 or September 12 sessions of the Publici-Tea™ Half-Day Workshops. Visit to read the fabulous comments from prior event guests and register for the date that works perfectly for you. I can’t wait to learn more about how you contribute to the marketplace so we can craft the perfect pitch to bring your story into the media spotlight.

Happy Independence Day.

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Tammy Redmon Jumps in to Pick the Low Hanging Media Fruit Right Away, Plus a Good Reason to Plan Now for the August 15 Publici-Tea™

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tammyredman.jpgI love it when folks get into action after hearing me speak about the power of free publicity. Coach and Business Growth Strategist Tammy Redmon of Redmon and Associates was among the guests in the audience when I spoke at the North Seattle Community College Network Breakfast about how to pick the low hanging media fruit to create a fabulous local publicity basket. As a direct result of hearing that presentation, Tammy sprung into action. Now she has proudly posted her first article entitled, “Online Networking — Leading at the Speed of Whoosh!” to, and here is the link. It’s a great read, so do check it out. And, she’s create a social networking profile to start building buzz in that way. She is really thrilled to be spreading her message far and beyond.

Here is what Tammy had to say about my approach to empowering her with this useful information:

“Your information does make a difference, and here is why. You make the notion that I can get published, or get someone to write about me, or attack a blog, seem doable and non-threatening. You told me what worked and took the fear right out of it by giving me the steps to results. Your energy and enthusiasm for what you do and the success that you and others are having as a result is what I personally caught hold of. It said to me, ‘You too can do this and get noticed in a new and different way.’ Oh and did I mention it is pretty cool that it is at low to no cost??? Simply perfect. So thank you for showing up in your true essence as a bold and enthusiastic woman on a mission to get people noticed.”

With feedback like this, is it any wonder that I wake up smiling with anticipation about the difference for others I can make today. If you were not able to attend the presentation and want to listen in after the fact, you can purchase the audio file for a song. Here is the link to make it easy for you to read about and purchase Audio Presentation #6.

publici-tea_md5.jpgAnd, if you want to jump in with both feet and immerse yourself in a half-day of do-it-yourself publicity information and inspiration, sign up for the August 15 Publici-Tea™. Because this event will be held at a fabulous historic home in Tacoma and all the 400 guests at Jazzy June are going to receive the invitation to attend, don’t delay in securing your space. Seats are most definitely limited. Here is the link to make it easy. SBA 2008 Women in Business Advocate Rachael Costner will be my very special guest, and she’ll share small business marketing tips and resources to catapult your business to a higher level of fabulous.

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Besty Talbot Shares BIG News to Empower Women’s Success in Business

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I love it when Publici-Tea™ guests connect with me to share their amazing do-it-yourself publicity success. Today, Betsy Talbot wrote to share some pretty exciting news. Here, in her own words, is the latest development.

betsy-talbot.bmpHey, I’m getting popular these days!, one of the fastest-growing websites for local news and content, has appointed me the Seattle Women & Business blogger. I’ll be posting once or twice a week on business news for women in the Seattle area and trying to grab a portion of those 2 million monthly visitors as customers. I made the connection to get this job through one of my eWomen contacts, the amazing Elizabeth Rightor. Thank you! Any doubts remaining on how blogging and networking can improve your business? I’m slightly delirious right now with excitement over this great news for my company, and I hope you will join me in the celebration by going over to the site and subscribing to the blog. You can even sign up to receive email updates when I post new articles, just like my regular blog. ‘ll continue to encourage you all to explore social media and online networking to make your small business small in operational size only. Your impact can be HUGE, and the first step in doing that is to start thinking big. Every success we have individually benefits us all as a networking group, and I love sharing this great news with all of you. (and yes, you may hear about this in a few places – I shared this on Ning and my regular blog and it will be in my ezine later this week – Nancy Juetten would scold me for not making the most of this great news!)

Thanks Betsy. Way to set a winning example. You rock!

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Good News for Positively Fundraising on the Good News Network

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Check out the front page coverage Positively Fundraising earned on this cool site. This is great news for Affirmagy Founder Kristen Marie Schuerlein. If you have good news to share, log onto the site, become a member, and share your news. You can learn more about how to do it by following this link.

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Chief Happiness Officer and Blogger Earns Attention in the New York Times

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While researching an article I am writing for a client, I visited Positive Sharing, which is a blog by Chief Happiness Officer Alexander Kjerulf. He is the author of Happy Hour is 9 to 5, a practical guide to making yourself and others happy at work. His comments about why the customer isn’t always right found their way to the pages of the New York Times on March 27.

I continue to be delighted and amazed by how good content can travel so far and beyond to bring perspectives to entirely new audiences of people who need to know more about any variety of topics. And I love that Alexander Kjerulf took the step to alert his blog readers about his good fortune in earning the attention of the New York Times.

When you get quoted in the New York Times in a favorable reference, that coverage lives on indefinitely. And when you’ve got good news and insights to share, it is a beautiful thing for enhancing your brand, your reputation, and your credibility as an expert. I have no doubt that his blog is enjoying a bounty of new visits from people who want to learn more about his compelling ideas and business philosophies — especially when you consider how many people on Earth are not exactly ecstatic about their work.

When you earn favorable publicity, make the most of it. Tell your blog readers, your ezine subscribers, and your clients, colleagues, and co-collaborators about your good news. And offer a call to action to invite a connection that can propel your business forward. It doesn’t get much better than the New York Times, and I am sure Alexander Kjerulf would happily agree.

 RSS Updates   |    Email Updates Story about Retiring in a Bad Economy Puts My Husband’s Comments in Spotlight

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Do-it-yourself publicity success stories continue to take shape, and this one hits close to home.

My husband Steve is a member of the Garrett Planning Network, which is a collection of Certified Financial Planners across the nation who offer fee-only financial planning and advice for everyday life. Steve’s focus is guiding people to an abundant retirement. From time to time, the Garrett Planning Network sends him media leads to which he can reply with his commentary and perspective. Last week, a query came to him from a reporter from who was writing a story about how to retire in a bad economy, and Steve sent a compelling email to the reporter to enlist her interest in including him in her story. A phone interview took place hours later, and Steve’s comments serve as the lead in today’s article. When good media opportunities show up, the lesson here is to reply quickly with insights that add value to the story and to be available and ready with your talking points.

In April of 2006, Steve was interviewed by a writer for the Seattle Times to offer tips to consider when hiring a financial planner. That article still delivers new leads to Steve’s door to those who search “Google” to find fee only financial planners in Bellevue, almost two years after the fact. Online stories remain online indefinitely, and it’s a beautiful thing when the news about your expertise is good.

What is going on in the news today that offers you the opportunity to share your expertise and add value to the conversation? If you want to be an expert in your field and accomplish that through the power of free publicity, hurry to register for tomorrow’s Women in Business Forum, sponsored by the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce. I’ll be speaking on this topic at 9:30 a.m. and would love to have you there.

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