Champ the Cockapoo Pup Joins the Juetten’s, Giving Us Joyful Reason to Celebrate

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Here is a photo of Champ, the newest member of the Juetten family.  We adopted him on Friday, September 2, 2011, and we couldn’t be happier.  Thanks to those of you who shared cards, gifts, phone calls, and encouragement as we mourned the passing of our golden retriever Shadow.  We now are remembering him as we create new memories with our new bundle of happiness.

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3-Pay Option for Bio and Branding Wow Now Tele Boot Camp Expires Tonight

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You know, something occurred to me after receiving two heart-felt emails from business owners who are struggling with their bio and brand AND their budgets.  They really want to enroll in the Bio and Branding Wow Now Tele Boot Camp, but they need some help with their budget.  It pains me that there are people who really need this who feel like they can’t make the numbers work.  I was brainstorming with some people today about how to remove any obstacles for you, and here is what we came up with.

Go ahead and enroll today because I have created a 3-Pay plan so you can spread out your payments over three months.  I’ve tried to make our program more accessible to you.

And here is the best part.  When you show up for the teleclasses, receive our support, and enjoy the personal feedback that is a hallmark of our program, you will be well set to attract clients, attention, and opportunities within 21 days or less.  That grace will open a world of opportunity for you that will make this a whole lot easier to say YES to, knowing that attracting the right clients going forward will also be much easier.

The main thing is this.  I really want you to know that I am committed to doing everything I can so we can work together to bring you to the bio and branding wow that will make your work ten times more attractive and inviting for your ideal clients.  So too is Liz Goodgold.

So with that said, here is the link to enroll now:

Is your “Easy” button nearby?  I hope you are smiling now.

We’ve got some great work to do. I can’t wait to learn more about what makes you special and well worthy of celebration by your clients.

If you’d rather make one payment, here is the link to do that.

This is my final reminder that today is the last day to enroll at Early Bird Pricing and to take advantage of the 3-pay option I created to support more people in their important work in the world.  Join us.  You’ll love it.

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Changes are Coming Here — Authentic Visibility and So Much More

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This is the year I am making a big shift in my business, playing a bigger game, and working to my full potential.  That is why, over the next few weeks and months, you’ll be seeing some changes here at the blog.

1)  I’ll be changing the brand message and imagery to focus on the timely and essential theme of Authentic Visibility.  Even my email address has changed.  You can now send me email at  Please do!

2)  You’ll read more posts that relate to the ultimate result that matters most to you, which is to Prosper Now.

3)  I’ll be debuting new virtual workshops and services to guide you to Prepare Your Story and Broadcast Your Brilliance in systematic ways that deliver the WOW you need to stand out and shine as you attract clients, speaking gigs, and media interviews now.

Why the Changes?

  • Well, I’ve been listening very closely to my clients and readers.  I’ve been getting in touch with the aspects of my work that truly light me up and cause me to jump out of bed and into great work every day.  And I’ve been getting some great support to guide me to a higher mission of service.   It feels really great to have found a new groove to serve in a bolder way.
  • I think my biggest wake up call happened in April.  Since 2001, I have had it in my mind that I am the “backyard gal” to help people share their messages in their own hometowns.   I was operating under the notion that my business was mostly in MY own backyard, too.   My husband Steve Juetten, a financial planner, shared some news with me after the first quarter.  He said, “I hate to break it to you Nancy, but you aren’t a backyard gal anymore.  Over 90% of your product sales come from outside of your home state.”  With all my emphasis on the storytelling and the words, and I hadn’t realized how far and beyond my own reach had grown.

As I move ahead, I’ll share more of these kinds of posts that let you in on my own journey of growth, my own “aha” moments along the way, and some of the lessons I’ve learned to show up and speak my own truth.   It’s a little scary.  But I am stepping forward to truly SHOW UP nevertheless.

What I know is that my best clients are on a similar journey.   We are all trying to make an impact, be remembered, and attract more of the right attention, clients, and prosperity to fuel our best work and our best lives.   This blog will speak to that journey, including the pitfalls and the pearls of wisdom collected along the way.  You’ll get more of those kinds of posts because that is where the real juice is anyway.

As always, I am listening.  I want to hear from you.   Please connect here, share a comment, ask a question, and let’s continue the conversation as we all do our best to truly show up, stand out, and shine.  Why wait another moment longer?  We’ve got important work to do in the world.  Let’s start today.

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The Flag is Up to Apply for 3 Bio and Branding Wow Now Scholarships — 200 Word Essays Due 7-8-11

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If you are a professional service provider, speaker, author, or coach who is serious about attracting more perfect clients now, pay close attention to this message because there is definitely something of value in it for you and your growing business.  My partner and Red Fire Branding Guru Liz Goodgold and I are joining forces a second time for our Bring in the Dough: 5 Weeks to a Better Brand, Bio, and Business Tele Boot Camp that starts on Wednesday, July 27 at 11 a.m. and continues through Wed., August 24, 2011. This tele boot camp will guide you step by step to both speak about and write about your business to capture attention, attract clients, and more.  There will be plenty of personal attention paid to each guest during this program so you can set aside your messaging struggles and truly step up, stand out, and show up at your best to attract the results you seek in your business.

Since we are committed to making a difference for others, we will be awarding three scholarships for deserving professional service providers, coaches, authors, and speakers who submit their 200-word essays for consideration to in time for the July 8, 2011 submission deadline. To apply for a scholarship tell us WHY you are the worthy candidate to benefit from this Tele-Boot-Camp experience valued at $497 and HOW you will use the opportunity to propel you forward in your business or your life.  Send us 200 words or less, please!  Liz and I will review all the applications and choose the three most compelling storytellers as winners to  join us for this course which starts on July 27 at 11 a.m. PST.

We will announce the winners via blog post, ezine, eblast, and Facebook, so take note. The volume of entries prevents us from replying to each candidate personally.

And, if you have not yet registered for our July 11 free teleclass that will showcase specific tips you can apply right away to boost your business now with a magnetic personal brand and story, here is the link to make that easy.   

And, if you were on the call last time and just want to enroll right now, you can do that, too.  There are plenty of testimonials posted to showcase the value we are bringing, and that makes Liz and I so proud!   Here is that link.

Both Liz and are can hardly contain our enthusiasm about this program and the impact it will have for your business.  So if earning a scholarship to benefit is a priority, we can’t wait to hear YOUR story when you submit it for scholarship consideration by July 8, 2011 at 5 p.m.  PST.  And we can’t wait for the real work to begin starting July 27!

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This Know-Like-Trust Audio Interview with Me and Bill Baren is Yours to Enjoy and Share

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Have you ever set an intention for something big to happen in your business and have it happen in real time, right then and there?   In December of 2010, my husband Steve Juetten and I were sharing a festive holiday lunch to reflect back on the year and look ahead to the New Year.

He asked me what I most wanted to happen in my business.  I said, “I want someone like Bill Baren to invite me to share my content with his extended community.  He is the kind of expert, tribe leader, and success influencer who has the magic to bring my expertise and offerings to the perfect potential business owners to benefit.”

As the waiter was bringing us coffee and dessert, I took a quick look at my phone to check messages.  At that very moment, I had received an invitation from Bill Baren’s organization to contribute to his Know-Like-Trust Factor Online Event.

Right then and there, I burst into tears of joy.  Not long after that, Bill interviewed me.   This conversation was probably the best interview I’ve given to date.  As a direct result, blog traffic grew by four times the typical volume, new ezine subscribers opted in by the hundreds, and ‘thank you’ emails and Twitter and Facebook love immediately followed.   (Sales came in, too!)

I share this story because it proves that if you give voice to what you want to happen, the Universe does provide.

This interview about the Rock Star Status Reality Check is one that is packed with content, quality examples, great stories that are steeped in authenticity and value to anyone who wants to tell a better story now.

The ultimate results I want for you are to be seen, heard, celebrated and compensated for your expertise.   If you follow the guidance generously shared via this audio file, you will get what you want.   Listen in, enjoy, and share with others who can benefit: kltwithnancyjuetten.

If you have comment or success story to share about how these tips have worked to your advantage, please share!

Bill Baren, thank you so much for this opportunity.    You’ve opened a world of new opportunity for me to serve, and am so grateful.  Can’t wait to see you at the end of the month at the Big Shift Experience!

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Happy New Year!

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Here’s to happiness, health, and wealth for each and every one of us!

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The Flag is Up on the Dec. 10 Publici-Tea and Book Publishing Summit; Free to Attend, Park, and Enjoy

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With 2010 fast coming to a close, I know I am not the only one who is saying, “Hurray.”   How about saying a fond farewell to 2010 by joining with me and my good friend and colleague Patrick Snow at a special and FREE event we have planned for December 10.  It’s free to attend, free to park, and free to enjoy.  What a concept!

It’s the Second Annual Publici-Tea™  and Book Publishing Summit at Seattle Design Center.  We’ll be talking about how to prepare and share your stories so you can start the new year ready for the media spotlight and to attract the clients and speaking gigs you crave.  Best of all, there will be plenty of free time before and after the two content-rich presentations to network, enjoy, reflect on this year and share plans for what 2011 will bring.  And, if you are in the mood to deck the halls, you can linger and shop at Seattle Design Center for treasures that will make your home stand out and shine at holiday time and every day.

You can register at this link. All we ask is that you bring a camp item to donate to Rise ‘N Shine to make summer camp in 2011 even more safe and fun for kids whose lives are touched by HIV and AIDS.  Flashlights, bandaids, suntan lotion, marshmallows, backpacks, and other items are gladly welcomed, and all are tax deductible donations.

Since 1988, Rise n’ Shine, has been providing emotional support programs, stability, advocacy, and AIDS education for children and teens affected by HIV/AIDS. This includes children and teens who have been orphaned by the disease, children and teens who live with a parent or other close family member with HIV/AIDS, and those who are infected themselves.

Special thanks to the quality organizations who are joining with Patrick and I to spread the good news about what we have brewing for you on December 10,  including Seattle Design Center, the Puget Sound Business Journal, SpeakerPublisher, The Alternative Board (TAB), and Win the Click. Together, we are going to invite the most amazing group of business owners to enjoy this event, and I can’t wait.

We have room to welcome 130 amazing guests.  Please be among them.  Register here to claim your place.

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The Best Three Commenters to Share on This Blog Win FREE Tickets the Dream It! Launch It! Live It! Global Conference in Seattle Nov. 8 and 9

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If you want to attend the November 8 and 9 Dream It! Launch It! Live It! Global Conference for the Ladies Who Launch in Seattle, today is a lucky day for the best three people to post comments to this blog.

Tell me why you want to attend. Put your heart into it. I’ll choose the three winners based on the thoughtfulness of their comments. You must post by midnight PST on Wednesday, October 27, you win a ticket to attend as my VIP guest.

By the way, I’ll be speaking on Monday, November 8 at 1:30 p.m. My presentation is titled, “The Girlfriend’s Guide to Making a Living with Information Products:  Real Life Versus the Fairy Tale.”

If you’ve been wondering if creating information products is the right strategy to pursue as you build your business, you won’t want to miss this session. Event guests can ask me just about anything, and I promise to share what I know.

And, I will have just returned from Ali Brown’s SHINE – Discover Your True Wealth conference taking place November 2-4 in Las Vegas, so I’ll be armed with the latest best practices to share, along with my own hard-won lessons along my own journey to achieve success as an infopreneur.

So, who wants to join me? Post your comments here by tomorrow at midnight. The three comments that get to the heart of this matter will win VIP tickets. Winners are responsible for their own transportation to the Seattle Hilton and their own accommodations.

Ready? Set? Post!

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Done for You Sweepstakes Winners Announced!

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Congratulations to the five lucky winners of the Extreme Bio Makeover as a result of the Done for You Giveaway Sweepstakes of the Century:

– Charlotte Marshall, Aim Higher Coaching
– Victoria Cook, The Guilt Free Coach
– Sharon Day, Miabella Design Group
– Erika Kalmar, Career Wellness Coach
– Dawn Martinello, Monday Morning VA

I am looking forward to working with all the winners.

Since the contest launched May 17, 2010, 798 people entered to win the Extreme Bio Makeovers.  That tells me that there are a lot of people who are fed up with their boring bios, fired up and ready to do something about them.

If the timing is right to get into action now, you know it. If the  Done for You approach resonates for you, get in touch to schedule YOUR Extreme Bio Makeover today.  If you love to do things yourself, treat yourself to the Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Guide.   Either way, you get what you need, and you’ll be beaming with pride as you invite more clients, more media attention, or both to your business.

Speaking of which, I received this wonderful email today from a Bye-Bye Boring Action Guide customer that makes me beam with pride.

Hi Nancy,

…  One thing I’d like to say is that your book is helping me to not only change the way I think about presenting myself in my bio but also in all of our marketing and PR materials. My husband and I own Red Paper Clip , and we find that it’s easy to write about other people’s businesses with fun, funky copy that takes them from being just another price point to consider to being a business that people are STOKED to work with. However, it’s much more difficult to do that for yourself…

Your book was recommended to us by Tad Hargrave, who Red Paper Clip hired for a one-on-one marketing session over the weekend. Tad is absolutely awesome, and when he recommends something, we trust him. However, when I visited your website, I checked out some of the other people who had given you testimonials, just to see what their bios look like and how the book has worked for them. One stood out in particular, and that was Kelly Watson of One Woman Marketing. I clicked on the link to her website, and was really impressed by what I saw. So, Tad gave us the referral to you, and Kelly helped seal the deal. I bought the book immediately.

I’m already on a roll with my bio, and once I’m finished, I would be happy to send it to you along with a testimonial for you to share on your website. And, if (or, as is more likely the case, when) we ever need a one-on-one PR session, I’ll know who to call.

Thanks a bunch!

Geneve Champoux, Partner
Red Paper Clip

Thank you Geneve!  And thank you to the Done for You Giveaway Sweepstakes  organizers for creating an engaging event that delivered so much value for all.

Authentic Visibility Tip of the Day:

Whether you like to do things yourself or have them done for you, just DO something to get what you need.  Nothing happens without action.

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Reflections on the O The Oprah Magazine Live Your Best Life Weekend Celebration

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Over 5,000 women and a few good men traveled from around the nation, around the world, and across town to join in the 10-year anniversary celebration for O The Oprah Magazine in New York City last weekend.

Best friends, mothers and daughters, stay-at-home moms, business owners, working women, and everyone in between happily met and become friends for the weekend.   Some were celebrating 50th birthdays.  Others were treating themselves to that “bucket list” experience they had been dreaming of for years.  Others were taking in that too long delayed gal-pal weekend, or perhaps celebrating their first Mother’s Day away from their children in a most magnificent, one-of-a-kind way.

Each with reasons all her own, we all came to celebrate, laugh, cry, and express gratitude to Oprah for the role she has played as we’ve journeyed forward to do the best we can with our lives and careers.

The Live Your Best Life mission set at the launch of O The Oprah Magazine has stayed true all along.  Millions of lives have been touched, shaped, and made better with every advice column, every book club recommendation, and every coveted treasure fortunate to earn a place on that influential and oh-so-revered O List.

What Oprah has built over the last 10 years is a tribe to which millions belong and from which we all find pearls of inspiration to journey toward the purposeful, meaningful lives we desire, deserve and design.  I know that I am not alone in declaring that we are all returning home very glad to have made the journey and much enriched by the experience.

Oprah’s influence has been deeply felt in my life and work.  I, like so many others, am proud to have overcome personal and professional odds to create a life and a business  filled with purpose, passion, and possibility.

Those of us who wanted to say “thank you” to Oprah for the impact she has contributed to their lives had that opportunity this weekend.  Those who wanted to take stock over their own progress in living their own best lives over the last decade took the opportunity to do so, each in her own way.

As I waited in line to take my seat at the workshops, participate in the Sunday 5K walk to benefit a host of   worthy charities,  and take in the other displays and exhibits, it was inspiring to meet people and to see, hear, and celebrate with them as they shared their accomplishments, forgave their failures, and gave themselves permission to anticipate their future opportunities.   It was very special to share the experience with Lori Richardson and Kammie Lisenby, who are featured in these photos taken at the opening ceremony on Saturday morning and the 5K walk on Sunday.

Now, the question for each and every one of us is what is next?

Oprah would likely say that it is time to dream a bigger dream, listen to the whispers, and step more boldly toward what is truly possible.

What I know for sure is that my passion to serve others is fierce.  To play a role in guiding others to learn how to tell their own stories so they can walk taller, proceed more boldly in the pursuit of their purpose, and accomplish more of what they want in their lives and businesses is the most satisfying, rewarding work that I do.  And, the stories I help others tell will continue to make an impact as I gain the courage to tell stories in an authentic voice that speaks my own truth.

While I don’t know for sure the exact shape things will take in my own life and work, I can tell you that over the last ten years, Oprah has taught me a lot about how to ask the right questions.  Like millions of others on the journey to create my own best life, my story is still unfolding.  I look to the future with high hopes, high expectations, and the belief that great things are possible for those who believe in unlimited possibilities and are willing to do the work to bring them to life.

I’ll close this post with a quote Oprah shared during her magnificent one-woman-show at Radio City Music Hall and on page 256 of her ten-year anniversary magazine.

“I don’t know what the future holds, but I know who holds the future.”

– Oprah Winfrey

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