So What Happened as a RESULT of Steve Juetten’s prREACH “James Brown, Estate Plan Tips” Press Release?

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Steve Juetten CFP™You could say my husband of almost 27 years — Certified Financial Planner Steve Juetten –  is my best and most appreciative client. 

And since we live together, parent together, and run two businesses across the hall from one another in our home, we talk business and evaluate results quite a bit. 

On August 29, Steve got inspired to issue a press release to bring attention to the importance of getting estate planning documents in order based on reading about the estate planning challenges of music legend James Brown.  And he took action to get the news out. prReach copyclickhere

So what actually happened for him over the last week or so as a direct result of the press release?

== When you do an internet search for “James Brown, Estate plan tips” Steve Juetten’s prREACH video comes up #1 in the search. Here is a screen capture from yesterday, and Steve’s press release comes up #1, just below the paid advertisement for Laird Norton.


 == Steve’s Google Analytics reveal that his website has welcomed 50% more traffic than normal since the release was issued on Aug. 29, 2014.
== Steve reports that the number of opt ins to download his Smart Money Rules gift booklet are up by ten times.
== Steve showcased the video in his recent ezine to his financial planning clients and welcomed a number of compliments by return email. He created real engagement!
== Client said things like, “how amusing,” “I didn’t know that and am glad to know now,” and “Steve, I need to check my estate documents. Let’s schedule an appointment.”
== Financial planning can be a rather dry subject matter, so being recognized as amusing and funny and insightful is a good thing in Steve’s line of work and also quite refreshing.
== Steve has showcased the video clip on his LinkedIn to add a “cool quotient” to his profile.
== I have showcased the video clip in a solo email and several blog posts to my own tribe, too.
== This is one of the benefits of being married to me and having a relevant success story to share that can serve and educate my community about actions that deliver results. This kind of championship is also a benefit of being among my Jumpstart clients that I speak about from stages, teleseminars, and webinars.

Steve’s business is very demanding and he doesn’t have a lot of time to do marketing. And, he is so happy with his results that he can’t wait to do another press release next month.

So, I hope these very specific, terrific results for Steve inspire you about getting your story out to the world in a bigger way.

If you want to learn even more about how to use press releases to build big buzz for your business, join me today for a content-rich webinar I’ll be sharing via the Business Mastery Series for Direct Pay.  Here is a link to claim your place. It’s high value and free!

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Create Your Own Shawshank Redemption for Labor Day 2014 and Beyond

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Hardly a day goes by when someone working in corporate life wishes and hopes to escape the nine-to-five career to pursue the idea of img-booklucrative self-employment. That is why Pam Slim’s 2009 book Escape from Cubicle Nation touched a huge nerve to become an award-winning best-seller.

Today, many self-described corporate prisoners and frustrated aspiring entrepreneurs spend time wishing and hoping for their own Shawshankversion of The Shawshank Redemption. They are looking for a way out to create a lifestyle they can love with an income to match.

I am a former publicist who has created a reasonably lucrative laptop lifestyle in service to independent business owners around the world who want to get found, noticed, and hired by the clients they most want to serve.

3-d-bbbb-cover-2nd-Edition2-217x300 In business since 2001, my boutique publicity agency transformed into an online business in 2009 in the aftermath of The Great Recession.  With clients disappearing quickly in the tough times, I found myself in need of an immediate business reinvention.  By taking a dare from a friend — thank you Kathie Nelson of ConnectWorks — I wrote and debuted my self-published book  Bye-Bye Boring Bio within three weeks of accepting that challenge.  

Today my products, services and online training programs guide clients to say bye-bye to their boring bios and get known and paid for their expertise. The company is on track to welcome revenues in the low six figures for 2014 – by working from a home office with the support of a part time virtual assistant.

Mine is not a ‘breakthrough to seven-figures to create world domination kind of story.’ It’s a small business success story about making a great life while contributing to the success of others kind of story.   And, it sure feels like redemption and success to me given the hard times that the Great Recession served up for me and so many others in 2008.

What Happened in My Life and Work is Proof that One Good Thing Can Lead to Another

== In 2008, I gifted the DRAFT copies of the quickly created workbook to business owners who attended one of my do-it-yourself publicity workshops in exchange for their promise to review it to make it better within 10 days. The feedback was favorable, so I made upgrades, put a pretty cover on the book, and shared it with just over 1000 electronic newsletter subscribers. Much to my delight and surprise, online sales started almost immediately — even with a small list of subscribers.

TadHargrave== I created a live workshop around making boring bios better for client attraction and shared it via free local tea houses, co-working spaces, and my own dining room and backyard deck to prove the concept. Then, one of my friends and colleagues – Tad Hargrave of Marketing for Hippies   — was leading a 3-day live workshop at Bastyr University. I offered to present a 90-minute segment during his event and received an enthusiastic YES response.

== That live event at Bastyr University was attended by a decision maker in the career development office who invited me to lead a live Bye-Bye Boring Bio workshop for alumni and graduates. Director of Career and Alumni Services Susan Farley promoted the event to fill an auditorium of appreciative students who raved about their experience and results.

== That inspired me to create a live and home study VIRTUAL workshop that could serve people around the world. The first event took place in July of 2013 to rave reviews. Since then, well over 500 business owners serious about attracting clients with a sizzling first written impression have graduated to welcome new clients, speaking gigs, and media interviews.

The World’s Leading Trainer to Online Trainers Alex Mandossian, Permission to Charge AlexMandossianHeadShot2014_nMentor Jessica Riverson, Certified Financial Planner Amy Shappell , and Caregiving without Regret Expert Michael Bloom – among hundreds of others —  have since attracted clients, speaking invitations, and media interviews as a direct result of the stories created with my tools, resources, and support.

I successfully reinvented my business to serve a worldwide audience of business owners who are serious about solving a very specific problem in a world-class way. I have deployed my publicity expertise to build big buzz for my know-how. A “Google” search for “Business Bio Expert” returns hundreds of favorable results.  I am the walking-talking-typing example of my own Get Known to Get Paid methods.

As I anticipate Labor Day 2014, I breathe a happy sigh of relief that I took Kathie Nelson’s dare and made the leap to create my online business in service to those serious about getting known and getting paid for their specific marketplace brilliance. 

Here are my best tips from the trenches to inspire other business owners in some stage of reinvention to succeed with their own big ideas and compelling stories.

== Don’t build a better mousetrap. Rather, create a solution to a problem that is deeply felt, and get proof of your concept.  Millions of business owners struggle describing what they do in a way that captures attention.  The solution I created eases this pain.  We really do transform ‘bio cringe’ into ‘bio pride.’ That is very rewarding for my clients and satisfying for me.

== Test your concept live and in a virtual format. Hold live workshops, teleclasses and webinars to gauge interest, participation, and results.

== Build buzz for your event. Use tools that enjoy widespread use – Speaking, Facebook advertising, joint venture partnerships – (I am speaking about this topic today for PJ Van Hulle on her popular List-a-Palooza 90-Day List Building Challenge, and you can join us live by teleclass!) – solo email campaigns, social media, blog posts, ezine articles, meeting announcements, and do-it-yourself publicity.

== Fill your events in creative ways to build social proof and confidence in delivering your offering. For example, gift participation to those who invest in other programs, give away VIP tickets as prizes, and encourage graduates to invite business partners, colleagues, and friends.

== Use the power and influence of education based marketing to create trust in your expertise.

== Be thoughtful and strategic in creating offers and invitations that meet a need and compel clients to say YES.

== Collect participant testimonials in a systematic way. This helps build a tribe of champions who can advocate for the program and lend social proof that it pays off.

== Learn advanced strategies to build buzz once proof of concept is clear. This can include the formation of strategic partnerships and joint ventures – once proof of concept is clear.

heal-your-bio-3d (3)== Keep refining your offering and testing the pricing to best reflect the value. Take into consideration the feedback of engaged participants to make the program better each time.

I am very glad I took the leap to successful self-employment by creating a solution to a problem that so many business owners feel so deeply.  As I often say, “Bye-Bye Boring Bio — Hello Opportunity.” 

My fondest hope is that readers of this post are inspired to take the leap and succeed with their own big ideas and compelling stories that open the door to creating success on their own terms.

Start the journey by listening in to the upcoming LIVE webinar — the 3 biggest bio blunders even smart entrepreneurs make that prevent their ideal clients from hiring them.  Learn more and claim a gift copy of Heal Your Boring Business Bio to Attract Clients and Cash Now at this link.

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Google Hangout Replay — Alex Mandossian and Nancy Juetten – Better Business Bios

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Here is access to the replay of my chat with Alex Mandossian about better bios via Google Hangout.

Watch and enjoy! Post comments. And what ACTION will you take as a direct result of tuning in?


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Five Life Accidents that Brought Me Here

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1. I used to own a boutique public relations agency in service to big clients, big budgets, and big news. I enjoyed operating my agency from a home office above the garage in suburban Bellevue, Washington. That was BEFORE two home burglaries, a burst pipe flooded the downstairs, and a tree came crashing through the living room ceiling in a windstorm just in time for Christmas a few years ago.


2. With worry for the safety and security of my young family, I convinced my financial planner husband that we needed to move to a new house.


3. The economy tanked just after the new house closed. We couldn’t sell the one we left behind. And my long standing clients decided to cancel their contracts because they were holding on for dear survival themselves in the tough times of The Great Recession. The media and employment landscape seemed to change on a dime, too.


4. With no rich relatives or deep pockets to draw from, it was a scary time. Fear, self-doubt, and worry sent me to what I call “Pity Party Hotel” and what Oprah calls “The Ugly Cry.” I felt to blame for putting my family in a tough economic spot. Everything I cared about in my life and work seemed to be falling apart … including my marriage.*



5. And then one day, I dried my tears and decided to do something about it. I resolved to create a new and better business that would make the most of my storytelling skills in a new media marketplace. Rather than pitch stories and hope editors would say YES, I decided to serve business owners who needed to make fabulous first impressions so they could get easily found, hired, booked, and referred. Boring Bios were standing in their way, and I could change that to their expert and profit advantage.


It was time to start a Better Business Bio Revolution. And the opportunity to reflect the brilliance of others in ways that they couldn’t do for themselves was a gift I felt compelled to share and teach that stemmed from a wound of my own. I didn’t feel seen, heard, or celebrated in my own life. And here is the gift in that.


We teach what we most need to learn. That makes us brilliant at what we do because we care about it more than anyone else.


So, on a dare from a friend, I wrote a book called “Bye Bye Boring Bio” that quickly became a go-to resource to make boring business bios better for client attraction for thousands of business owners around the world. Book sales saved my bacon at the time when I desperately needed to bring some home.


Bye-Bye Boring Bio


It’s a funny thing. When you are a carpenter with a hammer, everything around you is a nail. I was a publicist who saw every situation as fodder for a press release, a story pitch, a contributed article, or a media interview.


I pitched my book to every media outlet I could find. I wrote columns for two business journals. Radio and TV interviews came, one right after the other — and I needed to get my story together so I could share it at a moment’s notice.


The “Bye-Bye Boring Bio” topic was timely, relevant and useful to former corporate employees who were hanging out their shingles in Free Agent Nation. Step by step, I got known in that old-school-publicist-kind of way that I knew so well.



Then, one day I got invited to do an interview for Christine Kloser’s Transformational Author Experience — and I welcomed 800 opt in subscribers in a matter of hours. Her Transformational Authors bought my book to the tune of $15,000 in a weekend.



The light went on that the base hits of publicity, press releases, blog posts and articles are all fine and good.


And there was nothing quite so intoxicating as seeing thousands of new fans flock to my work with their credit cards because they heard a message from me at the invitation of a joint venture partner that solved a problem that needed relief right away.


Such has been my journey to success, one base hit and joint venture home run at a time, from then to now. Taking my own Get Known to Get Paid advice, I got known for my business bio expertise. And now I get paid for it and get to train business owners around the world how they can, too.


Today, I can proudly say that I am the World’s Leading Business Bio Expert. Just “Google” the term “Business Bio Expert” and you will soon see.


So with all that said, this is my core message, and I hope you will embrace it as truth to you.


Each and every one of us deserves to be seen, heard, celebrated and COMPENSATED for the expertise we bring to market.


Start first with YOUR STORY. Make it relevant to how you serve and the difference you make. And remember that the journey starts with you preparing your story. What happens next depends squarely on how well you SHARE it with the right people who need to hear it and take action because of it.


What I know for sure is that your impact, influence, and income are well within your control, no matter what life accidents may come your way. And that is a mighty powerful place to stand.


That’s my story. What is yours? Find courage to share yours to step up to bigger impact and success. Now is the time.

The Bio Doc is In on June 12. Join me and invite your friends? Click here to claim your place.


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Vote for Executive Leadership Consultant Sara Harvey Yao by Midnight, Mon. March 3

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092_sara_yao_lowres_b (3)My friend of 10 years — Sara Harvey Yao — is #2 on this leader board , and if she makes it GetPresent-cover (3)to #1 by tomorrow at midnight, she gets to lead a podcast about Executive Presence and Ego for  Alicia Dunams, the “Write a Best-Selling in a Weekend” expert. Sara is really gifted. Since she is so close, would you consider casting your vote for her? She wrote a book called “Get Present: Simple Strategies to Get Out of Your Head and Lead More Powerfully” and it is really good. Among her best clients are big wigs at high tech companies in  Seattle and beyond so she is really making big impact as an executive leadership consultant. I’d sure appreciate it. It’s great when friends get what they want, don’t you agree?


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Personal Finance Lessons from Downton Abbey and CFP Steve Juetten — a Reprise Before the Ball Drops to Welcome 2014

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If you’ve got resolutions that relate to money matters, the Smart Money Rules from my husband Steve Juetten are just the ticket to get you where you want to go.  Access this powerful Little Green Book now via this link:

And, for Downton Abbey fans, this press release from a year ago might bring a grin and reinforce the learning in a way that makes you grin.


Success Tip: Issuing press releases to showcase your unique perspective can be a very credible and influential way to showcase your expertise before a wide audience of perfect potential clients who can benefit. If you are an author, consultant, or subject matter expert who is pondering getting the word out about your expertise in 2014, delivering Press Release Pizzazz is absolutely in our zone of genius. Budget for two or four releases to be DONE FOR YOU throughout the calendar year to keep your name and expertise front and center in a “Google” search. The results we bring about through our work give scores and scores of happy clients reason to celebrate. Most welcome between 100 and 300 online media placements within 24 hours of their news crossing the PR Newswire, along with top rankings for their expertise in a “Google” search. This makes it easy for their clients to find them and hire them. In our work with leading joint venture partners in the coaching world — including Christian Mickelsen, Justin Livingston, and Callan Rush — we have found that issuing a press release at the start of the big launch and once again on the “cart close” day can be very effective for reaching people beyond those the partner is already doing business with, while also driving clicks, opt ins, and sales.

We’d be honored to do business with you and those you know who can benefit.

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Getting Known Versus Spam and Inviting Your Straight Talk

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There is a huge joint venture in progress that has 70 big internet entrepreneurs involved. 

We are all beating the drum for Callan Rush for good reason.  She is a master trainer who guides workshop, retreat, and seminar leaders to successfully and profitably deliver their messages to change the world. That is a drum I’ll gladly beat because I believe in the mission, have studied her work, and know that she can make a huge difference for the people I serve.

And that means that everyone on the partner lists is getting pretty much the same email copy to share with their tribes to invite interest and engagement.

Yesterday, I received several comments from people from my own tribe.  They said that the perceived those emails as “spam” and wouldn’t open them. I think that is pretty strong, but that’s what they said. And, they wrote to me to say they opened my email in a sea of sameness  because it offered a distinct and authentic message. One reader said it was a courageous message. Their comments were heart-felt. And that did my heart good.

I am a huge fan of getting known. And these joint venture campaigns certainly bring the name of the featured expert center stage in a big way. That gets a whole lot of people talking.

It also sets the stage for that expert to offer real value in the short term and ultimately get paid when the time comes.  This is provided that the expert makes a winning invitation to provide a quality solution to a serious problem that is giving a great many frustrated workshop, retreat, and seminar leaders serious grief.

The results are where the rubber meets the road, which is why joint venture partnerships continue to hold favor among so many internet entrepreneurs — including me.

Let me be clear. I am in the mix, right there with them, because reaching more people with my own message is important and influential, and the math does work out. But, at what expense?

Math has never been my strong suit. Words are my favorite currency.  I may not have the answers, but I can ask the questions and invite your replies at a time when so many of us are thinking about this.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on these questions:

  • How do you react when you receive the same email in your inbox from multiple sources?
  • Does this powerful influx compel you to pay more attention or less?
  • Does this improve or take away from the way you feel about the expert?
  • Does this influence the actions you intend to take?
  • If you had a wish about how this could be done differently or better, what would it be?
  • And if the message travels across a news wire to reach hundreds of media outlets as news with the potential to reach people beyond the lists to which so many of us subscribe, is that better? Or do you consider that spam, too?

I think this could be a very juicy conversation.  Won’t you join in and comment?  Can’t wait to read what you have to say.


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Record, Rapport, Results — Three Big R’s for Leading Successful Teleseminars

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I’ve given and hosted scores and scores of teleseminars over the last few years.  And, since using words well is my gift and the technology — not so much — I confess that taking on teleseminars and the technology around them was brand new territory for me.

It’s a little unsettling to know that dozens or hundreds or maybe even thousands of people are making an appointment to listen to content you are sharing. There are a lot of things that go through your mind.  And sometimes, you get so lost in what you are intending to say that you might forget to hit “record” on the teleseminar dashboard.

Or, you might put the entire call “on hold” so no one can hear what you are saying. Mistakes happen, and I’ve made plenty of them. That is why, every time I lead or host a teleseminar, I put a sticky note on my computer with three words written on it:  Record, Rapport, Results.  I know, this is decidedly low tech in approach, but it works for me.  And it should give you hope that if I can do this, you can, too.

1) If I have gone to the time and effort to create a content rich teleclass or webinar, remember to RECORD it so everyone who has opted in can have the benefit to hear it live or via replay.

2) Create RAPPORT with the audience and the host.  That means fighting against reading from the PowerPoint slides during content delivery.  (Boy oh boy, I have struggled with that!)  That means connecting with those who are listening by showing up at your best, most authentic YOU.  That means delivering the content with the intention to deliver real value and plant the seeds for real relationships to take root to grow. As for connecting with the host, that all begins with the first call to suggest a collaboration.  It continues as you demonstrate how truly READY you are to make promoting your call or theirs easy, effective, and rewarding.  And the experience continues as both parties practice the fine art of follow up in the days leading to the deadline to take the desired action.

3) Begin with the end RESULT in mind, and see it through all the way through.   If you want people to request a discovery session, make that clear.  If you want people to make a time sensitive purchase decision to support their success, say so.   Give the audience JUST ONE ACTION to take so the content you have carefully crafted can actually lead to a desired outcome for your ideal client and for you.  And if you want to earn a reputation as a “rock star” joint venture partner, start with that end result in mind, too.  Be a pleasure to work with.  Do what you promised to do to promote the call.  Show up on time and ready to be your very best in service to everyone who expressed interest in the subject of your call.

kimclausen (3)If you would like to learn even more about how to make teleseminars pay off for your growing business, join me and Kim Clausen today at noon Pacific.   All the details are noted within the link right here.   I know as much as I have learned so far about leading teleseminars, I can always get better, and Kim Clausen is among the leading experts to show us all the way.  Join us!

==     Leading Your Own Teleseminars Can Be Easy… And Profitable

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Sometimes, Everything that CAN Go Wrong Does — What Then?

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Mid-June was the date on the calendar when I set out to debut a new product to the world. Well in advance, I assembled the perfect team of technology wizards and administrative talent to support me. Step by step I planned my approach. And I even took time to specify with an extraordinary level of detail all the ways that everything would go my way in service to a much greater good.

And, despite my best intentions and preparation, lots of things went wrong.

* Link snafu with first major partner eblast #1 – despite having been tested reliably several times before launch.
* Scramble for redirects to make everything work and try to save and claim all available opt ins.
* Shopping Cart goes down for maintenance, creating unanticipated delays for emails to go out to respective opt in lists.
* Web host drops account and site goes down without notice in the middle of the launch, creating frustration for everyone. No one will get on the phone.
* Fulfillment house gets duplicate orders sent to them electronically, creating major fulfillment issues. Dozens of emails back and forth to solve the problem. No one will get on the phone.
* New work-around solution with link redirects created to try to salvage things.
* Redirect creates more issues with links not working to other pages at the site.
* Redirects are set in motion to try to address non-working links created by first work-around solution
* Follow up emails that went out today had to be redirected in midflight because of an unanticipated shopping cart glitch.
* VA team gives notice.
* Still scrambling to get agreement on which link belongs to which partner so sales can track reliably one day before 3rd partner call.
* Email account gets tangled up so two of everything deliver, and not necessarily on time.

After checking into Pity Party Hotel for what Oprah Winfrey describes as “the ugly cry,” I kept asking myself this question. What am I supposed to be learning from all of this? What is the lesson for me? I am still reasoning through all of this, but I have some thoughts.

1) Even the worst set of circumstances can deliver a wonderful outcome. One of my partners asked me to make a super simple offer to her tribe, and that super simple offer was the most effective of all.
2) I’ve been pretty transparent about the fact that technology is not my favorite thing.That is more true today than ever before.The answer for me may be to keep things super simple going forward. I can still run a very successful business without going “tech crazy.” And for me, chances are,I am going to love my work more if I do that and also stay in my own particular zone of brilliance for having done so.
3) I will be making some vendor changes shortly so that I can be assured of the option to have real, live telephone support when the rubber meets the road.I am sick and tired of vendors telling me that email support is my only option, and I am going to shift focus toward those that ALSO offer phone support whenever possible.

In the darkest moments of frustration over the days of this launch, I thought about why I do this work in the first place. I remembered the big vision I created for my service to the world that came to me on a much brighter day. And I remembered the words of Sean Stephenson that he shared during a recent interview with Christine Kloser. He said, “When I prove my vision is more powerful than my doubt, that makes for a very great day.”

Those were the words that encouraged this somewhat introverted spotlight seeker to once again, “Fall down seven, Get up eight.” So off I go, waving the flag for others in the world who are also on missions for good and doing it in the ways that are the best fit for my own skills, gifts, and sensibilities.

We can make our voices heard and make our best impact. We just have to stay the course, stay true to our own best approach, and believe that the journey is just as important as the destination.

Authentic Visibility Question of the Day:

Just curious, have you ever checked into Pity Party Hotel when everything that could go wrong did? And what called you forward to check out and rise again? I’d love to hear from you.

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How to Spice Up an Online Profile and Finally Get Noticed, Plus Media Relations Tip

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In mid-February, I received a semi-urgent request from Dawn Klingensmith — a feature writer for a magazine called Job Week.  I had served as an expert resource to her in the past, and she was tossing a “hail Mary” pass at the 11th hour to get my take on some of the blunders folks make with their online profiles. 

I dropped everything to respond to her email and request to speak by phone because I just knew her story could reach far and wide and help a lot of people.

On March 31, the story ran in a wide range of media outlets, including The Oakland Tribune, the San Jose Mercury News, and online.  I’ve been receiving cards and letters in the mail from folks who were happy to read the article and congratulate me on the good press.  Dawn, if you are reading this blog post, thank you so much for reaching out to me, and let me know how I can help you going forward.

The bigger idea for you is how quickly can you respond in a very compelling manner to urgent reporter requests and be of service so YOU are the resource reporters come to again and again to benefit from YOUR commentary.   Being ready for opportunity is an important ingredient, especially if sharing your message with a much wider audience of perfect people to benefit from your message in high priority.

If you’d like to read Dawn’s article, here it is:

How to spice up an online profile and finally get noticed

By Dawn Klingensmith

A challenge to writing your bio is to determine what you have done with your skills and experience that sets you apart. Imagine if Batman had a LinkedIn profile. It would be impossible for him to have a boring bio. He has established a brilliant personal brand as the Caped Crusader, the Dark Knight and theWorld’s Greatest Detective, and a formidable list of accomplishments despite lacking a superpower.

ONCE YOU START considering your accomplishments, you may be able to distill them down to something akin to a superpower — or, at any rate, a special ability that sets you apart — and you can lead with that. While no one in business is as awesome as Batman, there’s no shortage of superstars whose boring bios diminish their marketability.

They may have saved six companies from bankruptcy, raised $ 10 million for a nonprofit agency or developed the product that a decade from now will drive Apple out of business, yet their bio won’t stand out from all the rest. That’s because professional bios tend to follow the same dull format: title and employer, expertise and experience, previous employment, education and training and maybe some personal tidbits.

Instead of taking that predictable route, “Wow readers from the start by highlighting something really fantastic and then work your way down, inverted- pyramid style,” suggests Endrea Kosven, founder and CEO of the Los Angeles- based marketing firm EDK & Company. Picture an upside- down pyramid, with the widest part at the top representing the most substantial information— something that makes people take notice— and the tapering lower part representing other relevant material in order of diminishing importance.

One way to approach bio writing is to list your skills and experience, as you would for a résumé, and then acknowledge that it’s possible that someone else, or several people, possess the same skills and background. So the challenge, Kosven says, is to determine what you have done with your skills and experience that sets you apart. In other words, what have you accomplished? Once you start considering your accomplishments, you may be able to distill them down to something akin to a superpower— or, at any rate, a special ability that sets you apart— and you can lead with that. Maybe it’s a sharp eye for how businesses get bogged down in inefficiencies, and how you consistently reduce their operating costs by 30 to 50 percent.

*** “Start with stunning results in specific terms,” says Nancy Juetten, whose “Get Known to Get Paid” mentoring program addresses the importance of business bios. As a whole, in succinct story form, an effective bio tells others “who we are and who we serve and what we do,” she says. To that end, “One of the most important elements is a headline,” which, on LinkedIn, comes up right alongside your name, Juetten says. “The headline helps busy people understand more quickly what you’re about.” 

A simple descriptor or job title is sufficient, such as “customer service specialist” or “Boston- based certified financial planner.” “Content over cute is better, because you have to consider SEO,” or search engine optimization— how easily people can find you when searching the web, she says.

Clever, unconventional job titles are common in certain industries and “fun for personal branding,” says Juetten, “but it makes you hard to find.” People are likelier to type in “social media strategist” vs. “social media rock star.”

Keeping a goal in mind when writing the bio will help keep it focused and concise. What do you want to be known for? Make sure everything in the bio supports that goal, Juetten advises. Interview yourself. How did you get where you are? What are you known for professionally? What do coworkers or clients say about you? What are you praised for in performance reviews? What problems do others come to you for solutions? What have you done for past employers? What aspect of your work is most satisfying?

“Be crystal clear about results,” Juetten says. “No one’s looking for a bundle of credentials. They’re looking for someone who makes things happen.”

You can include some personal information to spice things up and set yourself apart. On her website’s “about” page, Juetten quotes the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella; mentions her cockapoo, Champ; and reveals she’s just under 6 feet tall in her bare feet. ( That’s almost as tall as Batman, who’s pegged at 6 feet 2 in the DC Comics Encyclopedia.)

Avoid words like world- renowned ( if you truly were, you wouldn’t need to say so) and award- winning ( just list any awards that are sure to impress), and don’t start every sentence with “I.” Don’t just write your bio and forget it. Update it as necessary to reflect current accomplishments, Juetten says.

When a bio is accompanied by a photo, the image should be appropriate for the platform and audience. For LinkedIn, use a professional headshot and dress as you would for an interview, Kosven says. Twitter photos can be more casual and reflective of your personality.

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