CFP™ Steve Juetten Posts a Letter to His Son on Father’s Day with Useful Tips about Managing Money Wisely

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If you have kids and want them to manage money wisely, check out my husband Steve Juetten’s blog post for today.  It is a letter to his son (and mine)  on Father’s Day.  Please share this with others who can benefit.

Here’s to dads everywhere, guiding their sons and daughters to live their best lives, one tip at a time.  And here’s to my son’s dad, who clearly got very lucky in the dad department.

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Overcoming Fear and Self Doubt to Get Seen, Heard, Celebrated and Compensated

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For many years, toiling away in obscurity as a work-in-the-trenches publicist was the norm for me.  In fact, I felt a bit like the Wizard of Oz.  I was the gal behind the curtain, waving my arms about behind the scenes, working hard to make my clients look big in the media.   One day, I decided that standing behind the curtain wasn’t going to be enough for me anymore.   I wanted to take action and get known as an expert in my field.

That meant writing articles for the local media under my own byline, making article submissions to online sites, venturing out into my community and far beyond to give presentations and, making story pitches to the print and broadcast media, launching a blog,  creating information products, and doing all of the things I often recommend to you as you build your expert status.

Not every media venue said “yes” to every pitch.   I felt plenty uncomfortable in the beginning as a public speaker, and it showed.  Seeing yourself for the first time on TV or hearing your voice for the first time on the radio can be instructive, and what you see and hear is not always pretty.  Not every information product I have created has become a best-seller.  However, I have stayed consistent, persistent, passionate, and committed to getting better every day.  When new skills need polishing, I seek out quality coaches and experts to learn best practices.  And, I practice what I learn.

The good news is that things are getting better every day in my business, too.  It’s not a straight line.   But the progress is decidedly positive because I am staying in action and positive.

In 2006, one of my big goals for my own expert status  was to  earn a column within the Puget Sound Business Journal.    I worked up to asking for this over time by earning a meaningful pattern of quality media placements for my own expertise in a variety of quality media outlets.  One day,  I gathered my courage to make a pitch to earn that sought-after column.  The quality submissions I had made prior were compelling in demonstrating the value I could add for the readers.    I asked for what I wanted, and I got what I asked for.  Every time my “Media Savvy’ column runs in the Puget Sound Business Journal, my heart skips a beat.   Frankly, I get a kick out of seeing my name in print in connection with my expertise.  Over the last several years, being seen, heard, and celebrated for my expertise within the pages of this prestigious local business journal has contributed to new client engagements, speaking opportunities, and much more.   It is a beautiful thing.

Even work-in-the-trenches publicists like me struggle from time to time with fear and self doubt.  It can be easier to advocate for clients than it is to advocate for yourself.  Getting over that fear and self doubt through action has made all the difference.

So, with all that said, where do you want your expertise to be seen, heard, and celebrated?  And, what will you do specifically to take action to learn how to earn the attention what you seek?

When you do nothing, nothing happens.    Given what you have to share with the world, doing nothing just isn’t an option, especially when such abundant rewards await.

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How Fast is Your Ezine List Growing? Are you Ready to Do Something About It?

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Have you taken the temperature to see how many folks are on your ezine list lately?  And, are you inviting the right potential clients to opt-in so you can continue to build a tribe of fans and followers who can benefit from your particular blend of talent, skills, and expertise?

Make today the day you do that.  Then, decide what you are going to do to grow your list, add value for your community, and reinforce your expertise and the go-to-person in your field.

All the internet marketing gurus say that true wealth resides within your list.  If you don’t yet have a list or have a list of a size that has great influence among your ideal clients, decide today to do something about it.

  • Do you offer a special report or bonus gift to entice your ideal prospect to share her email address?
  • Do you offer an ezine sign up box on every page of your website or blog to make it easy for people to do exactly that?
  • Are your ezines packed with 80% news your ideal client can use and 20% with a call to action to help him or her engage in the ways that make the most of everyone’s time, talent, and resources?
  • Do you post quality articles that inform your ideal prospects about ways to solve real problems in their businesses at least quarterly?
  • And does your article “bio box” invite readers to opt-in to benefit from your ezine, blog, and more so they can gain even more familiarity with how you serve?

If you offer expensive services, you have to earn your way into decision makers’ hearts and minds over time.  A quality ezine can help you accomplish that objective.  Then, when people are ready to buy, you are at the top of their consideration list.

Since I have been narrowing my focus in my practice to highlight my “Bio Whisperer” passion, Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Guide, and my Extreme Bio Makeover services, I have been on the lookout for focused ways to share this message with more of the right people to benefit.

That is why when I was invited to participate in the Second Annual “Done for You Giveaway Sweepstakes” it was my pleasure to say “yes.”    Just this morning, almost 200 people have opted in to enter to win the five Extreme Bio Makeovers I will be giving away.   No doubt, thousands more are entering to win the $250,000+ in other “done for you” services from high integrity vendors who were hand-selected to participate in this event.

Speaking of which, you are invited to check out the 2nd Annual “Done for You” Giveaway of the Century.  It opened   TODAY, May 17, and you DON’T want to miss it. This giveaway is unlike any you’ve ever seen. Together with 30 amazing co-collaborators, we’re NOT giving away info products and downloads that you may never listen to. Thirty of my high integrity colleagues (and counting) have joined together to give away actual done-for-you products and services that you can use in your business but don’t have to create yourself.  I’m giving away 5 Extreme Bio Makeovers!

Starfish Girl

And here are just SOME of the other things being given away:

· Quickbooks set-up
· Opt-in page creation
· Ready-to-deliver workshops & teleseminars
· Custom Video production
· Website copywriting
· A full custom website
· Custom ezine templates
· Ready-to-give speeches
· Blog set-up
· Article submission services
· Shopping cart service & set-up
· Ready-to-go articles · Audio “logos”
· Newsletter service

And lots more!

This is the REAL DEAL. No hype, catches or gimmicks, but a TRUE giveaway. I know many of these providers, and they are top-notch…high integrity all the way.

Over $250,000 is services is being given away, so you’ll definitely want to check out what is on the menu and make your selections.    You can’t win if you don’t put your hat in the ring!  Don’t delay! Go here to sign up for your ‘done for you’ products and services.

By the time this event is complete, I’d love to welcome 1,000 or more happy new fans of my work.  To that end, please forward this email to your colleagues who can benefit from receiving “Done for You” products and services as part of the “Done for You” Giveaway of the Century!

I hope you win exactly the services you need to propel your business forward and make quality new connections to help you and your business grow.   I’ll let you know how well I meet your goal.   So then the question becomes what will YOU be doing to grow YOUR list?   Please share your successes!

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CFP™ Steve Juetten Scores Guest Post on Influential “Get Rich Slowly” Blog

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If you want to get known as an expert among your ideal clients, one of the best things you can do is guest blog for those who already “own” a huge position of influence. That is what I told my husband Steve Juetten, a Certified Financial Planner™ professional who has written a really great ebook about how to make the right IRA conversion decision for you.

Not one to sit on good advice, Steve visited to research the highest authority financial planning blogs on the Internet today. It was no surprise to him that his favorite blog — Get Rich Slowly — ranked #4 on the list. Already a regular reader, Steve studied the blog to find out if the topic of IRA conversions had yet been covered. Then, he connected with the blogger to suggest a guest post.

The blogger said YES, and today, Steve’s post is on the home page at Get Rich Slowly.

This is a big deal because plenty of the right people make a regular habit of reading this blog, commenting about the posts made there, and spreading the word to others who share their goal to Get Rich Slowly. As I type this message, Steve’s Get Rich Slowly message has been Re-Tweeted 25 times, invited 13 comments, and spread to other financial planning sites.

Steve is watching his Google Analytics to see what happens with traffic to his own site in the days to come. He’ll also be happy to measure the impact of this post in sales of his well-reviewed ebook over time.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. It happened brick by brick. It’s much like the concept behind Get Rich Slowly. It’s all good.

If you struggle knowing the right decision to make for your IRA conversion, read this post, share it with others, and come to your best choice. And, if you need a little help, Steve can show you the way.

By the way, Steve’s firm was named by Seattle Magazine this month as a Five Star “Best in Client Satisfaction” Award Winner among Seattle area financial planning firms.

Winning awards for client satisfaction as a financial planner is certainly a winning way to set your firm apart from others in the best and worst of times.

Rock on Steve.

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Enjoy Case Study I Mentioned Yesterday, Plus Some Public Call Outs to People You Should Know

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Yesterday, I blogged about the great story shared about my company’s reinvention during a demanding economy. Now you can read the entire feature when you click on this link.  Enjoy!

Let me call out some of the fabulous and generous people who have played a key role in helping me navigate these last nine years in particular:

  • Publicity Hound Joan Stewart – She advocated for the publicity tips booklets I brought to market in July of 2006 to her list, and that really helped put me on the map.  Thanks Joan.
  • Tips Booklet Queen Paulette Ensign – She taught me everything I know about tips booklets, and she can do the same for you.
  • Michele Lisenbury Christensen of Working with Power LLC, who came up with the Publici-Tea™ name in the first place!
  • Presentation Skills Coach Patricia Fripp – Kiplingers Personal Finance has described her speaking school as among the top six best investments you can make in your career.  I agree.
  • Branding Expert and Founder of Get Known Know Suzanne Falter-Barns – Suzanne coached the “Get seen, heard, and celebrated in your own backyard … and beyond” message out of me on Christmas Day 2007.  What a gift!
  • Info Product Guru Fred Gleeck- He gave me plenty of straight talk in the beginning about what was missing from my website, product packaging, and product elements.  His “tell it like it is” approach isn’t for the faint of heart, but his advice has proven to be right on the money.
  • Info Product Guy James Roche – James is showing me how to be more strategic and focused in my efforts to serve my people and grow the success I enjoy from the information products and training elements of my business.
  • New Client Marketing Institute Founder Henry DeVries – Henry was the very first coach I engaged to take my growing business to the next level of success.   The lessons he taught me have served me well, and they will serve you well, too.
  • David Wiseman, my patient and amazing webmaster – No information products business can work without someone like David.
  • My loving husband Steve Juetten – Steve, thanks for being in my village, serving as my cheerleader, and doing everything you do in my life and work.  You are a treasure.  And I repeat  with credit to Julie Powell of “Julie and Julia” fame —  “You are the butter to my bread and the breath to my life.”

Those of you who are interested in traveling your own journey of reinvention are well served to engage any and all of these fine professionals and resources, all of which have served as powerful contributors along my evolving journey to business success.

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Coffee, Tea or Publici-Tea™ – Story Highlights Journey of Reinvention

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Two days ago, I blogged about how business anniversaries don’t necessarily earn front page news.  But they can earn media attention in the right venues with just the right timely, newsworthy, and relevant story hook.

Case in point — a story by M. Sharon Baker about how I reinvented my business during the recession to survive and thrive appears in today’s issue of Rain Today. Rain Today is the premier online source for insight, advice, and tools for growing professional services businesses.  That is certainly a well-targeted audience for how I serve the marketplace.

Here is a brief excerpt from today’s article:

After offering professional public relations services to small and medium-sized companies for seven years, Nancy Juetten, founder of Authentic Visibility, realized she spent too much time having coffee or tea and giving away free publicity advice to prospects who ultimately could not afford her services. Rather than look for ways to halt such requests, Juetten, a solopreneur in Bellevue, WA, saw it as a market opportunity and used that information to reinvent her business, a move that helped Authentic Visibility thrive despite the recession.

You can read the complete case study to learn how this independent practitioner created a 6-figure business with multiple revenue streams during a recession by signing up at Rain Today for a free trial.

And if you love those free trials, I have an anniversary celebration offer to share with you.   I’ll be offering a “buy one great item, get another great item for free” sale  during the March 1 – 7, 2010 anniversary sale.  If you’ve been thinking about treating yourself to the Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Guide, you’ll get the Publici-Tea™ Express Digital Workshop as a high value bonus gift when you buy during the one-week-only sale.

The information you’ll receive during this fabulous sale will equip you with the insights you need to earn media attention for your winning ways, including writing a rock star bio, preparing and sharing your story so the right people will listen, and guiding to you decide if publishing a book is the right approach for you to build your expert status now.  And you’ll get it all during the sale for $49.   That’s why you won’t want to miss this amazing deal.

Why not take your savings and treat someone you like, trust, and respect to coffee or tea to chat about what you learn.    Spread the wealth of knowledge so independent professionals everywhere can succeed in what an article by Richard Greenwald for the Wall Street Journal describes as “the age of going solo.”

Let’s all make more Rain Today.

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Another “Pink Spoon” You Can Share with Everyone You Know Who Wants to Earn DIY Publicity Now

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If you are already a subscriber to my ezine and want to get the latest update of all the “Media Savvy” newspaper columns I’ve written through 2009 for the Puget Sound Business Journal and beyond, now you can with one click.

I’ve set up a landing page where you and everyone you know can access these practical articles that guide you step-by-step to earn the DIY publicity success you seek.    There is no obligation to share your email address again or at all, though you are certainly welcome to do so.

My intention is to empower business owners everywhere with useful information they can really use to get seen, heard, and celebrated in the media in their own backyards … and beyond.   So, spread the good news and the love to everyone you know.  And make some magic happen in your business today through the power of free publicity.

Here is my prediction — One taste from this “pink spoon” and you won’t be able to resist digging into and delighting in all the practical, buzz-building information to support your delicious and growing business success.

And, since we are in “American Idol” season, here is a fun quote for the day from Amy Palmer of Blue Sky Coaching and Consulting.   She says, “Thriving in this economy is like being on American Idol: pick the right song, put your heart into it, and ignore Simon!”  Rock on everyone.

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What is Your “Pink Spoon” to Invite Fans and Followers and Attract Ideal Clients?

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Meeting Linda Claire Puig, founder of Claire Communications – the “Everything Newsletter” Company, at the Robert Middleton Info Guru Summit last weekend was a distinct pleasure.  As we spoke, she referenced a concept she calls Pink Spoon Marketing™.  In a nutshell, a pink spoon is a free “taste” of what you have to offer that you serve up right from your website (e.g., a downloadable report, email course or audio recording).

Linda says that a pink spoon makes the right people—lots of them—want more from you. And all these people join your list. In fact a pink spoon is one of the key list-building strategies employed by professionals throughout the Internet.

  • A pink spoon positions you as a professional with the right stuff.
  • A pink spoon becomes a business-generating tool that adds dollars to your bottom line.
  • And a pink spoon begins a relationship that could last a long, fruitful time. It’s this relationship—and the trust that develops as a result—that brings in new clients, new business, new referrals.

As for me, I’ve created three bonuses to reward those who opt-in to receive my ezine.  I’d be honored to earn your readership and referrals.  And, if you want to sample some of my best DIY publicity e-tips as your treat for today, you can visit this link right now.

Feel free to invite anyone in your world who is interested in getting known as an expert and getting seen, heard, and celebrated in the media to enjoy the bounty my “pink spoons” contribute to DIY publicity and online visibility success.

Authentic Visibility Question of the Day: Do you have a “pink spoon” to share with the clients and prospects you would most like to attract to your business?  If your answer is “no” and you need a little help getting your offer together, Linda and her Pink Spoon Telecamp can show you the way. The next telecamp starts in the spring, so sign up for Linda’s ezine so you’ll be among the first to taste what she has in store for you and your growing, successful business.

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Personal Safety Training Group Founder Larry Kaminer Earns a Winning Article Placement

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Larry Kaminer is the founder of Personal Safety Training Group.  He and I met a couple of years ago at the Bellevue meeting of eWomenNetwork.   Last July, Larry and I had a brief phone chat about his intentions to get even better known as an expert in his field.   He expressed passion for lending his expertise to large companies that relocate personnel around the world.  As luck would have it, I had familiarity with one of the leading trade publications that executives in the relocation industry read to stay in the know about recommended resources and best practices.   I suggested that Larry connect with Frank Mauck, the editor of Mobility Magazine, to explore article placement opportunities to share his timely and very important message with the readers.  By November, Larry had earned the article placement he was after.

Larry will be happy to tell you that a it pays to speak with a well-connected publicist who can make timely, relevant, and immediate suggestions to help achieve the mission at hand.   Now, we are working together via my popular “Rent Nancy’s PR Brain by the Hour” program to take Larry’s publicity plans to the next level.  We are both very enthusiastic about the journey ahead.

If you don’t want to go it alone to earn the expert status you seek, help is just a click away.

Authentic Visibility Question and Tip of the Day – What is the trade journal that your ideal customers are most likely to read?  Visit the trade journal website and look for the “writer’s guidelines” and the 2010 editorial calendar.   Then, scan the editorial plans for the perfect placement opportunity for your expertise.  Then, make a pitch to earn the article placement you seek.   This is “block and tackle” work that is easy to do, once you know how.   And great results await.    What are you waiting for?

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Leverage Your Best Article Efforts for Best Results

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The article I wrote about the DIY Publicity Lessons from the Wizard of Oz is now posted to BizNik, and I’d be honored to welcome your reviews.  The reviews so far are very favorable and the message is certainly timely to inspire your New Year’s success.

This article is also posted to to make it easy for ezine publishers everywhere to include it to inspire their readers to DIY publicity success in the New Year.   You are welcome to share this article in your blog or ezine, provided it is shared in its entirely with the bio box intact.

Those among you who want to get known as experts in your field can start now by setting the intention to write and post at least four articles to online article directories in 2010.   Be generous with the guidance you share, and make it easy for readers to get in touch with you to learn more about how you can help them.  In short order, you’ll earn expert status and invite more of the right opportunities to be of contribution to the marketplace.   And, when you post at least five articles to Biznik that earn a rating of 8 or better, you’ll even earn your expert badge.    I’ve posted 12 since April of 2008.  What is your plan?  And what actions will you take?   The Yellow Brick Road to your success is just steps away.

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