Wow — Your Press Release as BROADCAST NEWS — and Top Rankings on Google for a Song!

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prreachlogoYou know, the more deeply I dive into my business…And as it continues to grow and evolve…The more grateful I am to live in such an amazing time. Because whether you’re a small business or a huge firm, the opportunities for success are truly endless…Technology has helped to level the playing field…And here’s just one new example of how.

prReach is a powerful service created by Rob Burns.  If you’ve never heard of Rob, he’s one of those “mad scientist” types who like to create intricate systems that boggle the mind (and produce results).  He’s spent the last five years putting his genius towards Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and crushing the front page for himself and his customers. 

And I have put the service to the test to welcome solid results for my own business and for my clients.  In fact, the press release I created and sent on behalf of Alex Mandossian last month is one that comes up #4 in a Google Search for his name.  The placement report from prReach reveals that the release was picked up by 370 media AlexWelcomeoutlets, bringing his news to a great many potential fans, followers, and potential clients.

To give you a quick overview, prREACH takes PR to a whole new level. Press releases, done right, can get you in front of millions of people, covered in the media, and highly visible in the search engine results. Rob has created the first ever service that adds VIDEO into the mix. Instead of just an old-fashioned written press release, every release is complimented by a professional news anchor, reading YOUR news, live in studio. This helps build massive social proof, among other things. 

See how prREACH can build your brand >>>

prREACH is one of those game changing tools. The type of service that can really replace most (if not all) of your other marketing efforts, and give you the ease and simplicity you may be looking for inside your marketing.  The system Rob’s built combines the power of video marketing, social network marketing, and press release marketing all into one. It is super easy to use, too. And on top of delivering the most bang for your buck, he’s about a quarter the cost of his top competitors.  Bottom line, Rob’s really outdone himself with this one. You’ll have to see it to understand.

Click here to see prREACH in action >>>

Why is it urgent to pay attention to this blog post now?  Because the pricing goes up at midnight, August 7, 2014.   If you want to benefit from the visibility, credibility, and video WOW that this service delivers for a song, now is the time to act.  

As for me, I write a lot of press releases in my business — for my joint venture partners, my clients, and to create buzz for my own business.  I am a big believer in their value because I have worked as a publicist for many years and used publicity to build my brand and reputation long before I even knew what a joint venture was.

I signed up to send 4 releases a month at the amazingly low rate of $197 a month.   That is a no-brainer level of investment for the impact.  If ever there was an EASY YES decision for me, this is it.  So, take a look and see if this is something that strikes a chord with you.  And say YES to benefit from the best pricing.  Prices go up at midnight, August 7, 2014.

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Making Your Bio More Client Attracting Just Got Easier and More Convenient – Thank You Stealth Seminar

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Enjoy a full length VIDEO presentation to make your bio more client attracting. Just click here, and you are all set!

If you want to turn one of your videos into an evergreen webinar, Stealth Seminar is the service I use.  They make it so easy. Try it.

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Amateur or Pro? Casualness Breeds Casualty — Jeanna Gabellini

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JeannaGabellini_nIt felt like a wake-up call the first time I heard the seminar leader say, “Casualness breeds Casualty.”

He was referring to how we treat our goals and the people on our team. When we don’t give them our intention and attention, they fizzle instead of sizzle.

I’ve never forgotten that phrase, but I still catch myself frequently trying to get a task done quickly rather than doing it well. And when it comes to running a business, it’s the difference between acting like an amateur and acting like a professional in your industry.

Going pro means no more casualness in the way you treat your goals, team, systems and deliverables.

Being a professional doesn’t mean suits, ties, formality, talking like a scholar or putting your authenticity on the back burner so you can look “appropriate.”

Professionals are people who take their hobby, sport or passion seriously. They’ve decided they no longer are satisfied with being an amateur. They want the challenge and fulfillment of fully living into their potential.

And when it comes to generating a FAT profit, you can’t really get there by thinking like an amateur. If your business is treated like a hobby, it will be reflected in your bank account and your level of fulfillment.

You may not be aware of the areas in your business where you’re “going through the motions” and not giving it the energy it needs to breed success.

Here’s an example of what can happen to your profits when you stop being casual and start putting some focus on the desired outcome …

  • When I began writing my ezine in the late 1990s, I received several requests from colleagues to promote them to my email list. If I believed in what they were doing and knew that my audience would benefit from the information, I said, “yes.”
  • But I never made any money! This went on for over a decade.
  • I had no intention, emotional energy or strategy invested in promoting other people. I didn’t expect to make money, so I didn’t.

As soon as I put a little focus toward converting those ads into sales, they started trickling in. I began to get creative with my efforts and that trickle turned into a cascading waterfall of four-figure commission checks!

Plus I won prizes! Like 5 iPads, paid vacations, coaching time with top experts, and mastermind sessions with colleagues who made ten times more revenue than me. And I make life-long friends.

Breathe new life into the dead areas of your business by turning casualness into consciousness and you’ll have a lot more fun (not to mention profit!).

Jeanna Gabellini is a Master Business Coach who assists high achieving entrepreneurs and their teams to double (and even triple) their profits by leveraging intention, systems and fun. Grab her FREE audio on dialing in your biz here: .

JVLeaderboardSecretsLogoYou can also learn more about the JV Leaderboard Secrets VIRTUAL Mastermind Jeanna and I are leading, starting August 14, at this link:


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Alex Mandossian’s Membership Site Intensive Highlights

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Almost 1000 people from around the world are participating live and via webcast in Alex Mandossian’s Membership Site Intensive taking place at the QLN Conference Center in Oceanside, California today through July 16, 2014.

Mandossian says, “The key to attracting high-end clients in today’s internet age is to engage and enroll. The days of command and control are in the rear view mirror.”

Among his best tips to attract high end clients shared so far:

== Flip Your Sales Funnel: Start with the top of the line item to attract premium clients and downsell from there. It’s a whole lot easier.

== For an immediate cash infusion, approach your most recent, most invested clients first.

== Price to eliminate problem children. After all, it’s easier to attract one $10,000 client than one hundred $100 clients.

Mandossian is making the webcast of the three-day event available to aspiring online marketers around the world to enjoy now and forever for a modest investment of $197.

In fact, he inspired his event participants to join together in the spirit of cooperation and co-opetition to see how the they could take action on the lessons learned to spread the word and invite even more virtual participation.

Luminaries including Business Bio Expert and Get Known Get Paid Mentor Nancy Juetten, the World’s Leading Relationship with Money Coach Morgana Rae, and Award-Winning Talk Show Host Raven the Talk Show Maven, among many others, have contributed valuable bonuses to make the $197 investment an even better decision.

Juetten is offering VIP seats at her popular Get Your Client Attracting Story Done Virtual Worldwide Workshop and the Joint Venture Leaderboard Secrets Virtual Mastermind she is leading with Double Profits and Fun Expert Jeanna Gabellini as bonuses for those who wisely invest in the $197 webcast of Mandossian’s Membership Marketing Intensive Livecast. Visit this link to learn more. Be sure to make your decision by noon PST on July 16, 2014 to benefit from the bonus bundle.

About Alex Mandossian:

Alex Mandossian is known as the world’s master trainer to virtual trainers.  He teaches online marketers around the globe to expose and get more marketing reach for their clear, compelling, and consistent marketing messages — faster, better, and easier.  To learn more and take advantage of his $197 offer to benefit from the 3-day Membership Marketing Intensive for which guests have invested considerably more for travel, hotel, and registration fees AND enjoy the participant bonus bundle, take action by noon PST on Wednesday, July 16, 2014.


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“I am a Peach” So Says an Appreciative “Bio Doc is In” Webinar Listener

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7761806-peaches-isolated-on-whiteI received this “thank you note” from a “Bio Doc is In” webinar listener last week.

“I want to thank you for the telecall a few weeks ago. I so enjoyed you. You are, to use a favorite phrase here in Georgia, just a Peach! The information was fantastic. A sucker for alliteration and great analogies, it was super fun for me to soak up all of yours. I listen to so many calls and webinars that are less than enjoyable, with less than stellar offerings at the end.  Yours was like a breath of fresh air. Great job! Thanks again.”

– Betsy SextonBetsySexton

If you haven’t heard me deliver this talk before, join me on July 16 at noon PST. I promise to put plenty of juice into the call to make your bio better!

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Your Business Bio and Your Bank Account — There is a Connection!

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12105776-piggy-bank-with-coins-falling-into-slotWould it surprise you to know that with a quick read of your business bio, I can tell if your business is making money or not? It’s true. Like a private investigator, I can read between the lines and know right away if you are on fire with your results or struggling to get going.

== Would you like to know more?
== And would you like to add some powerful JUICE to your story to catapult your business results to even better and bolder heights?

Join me June 16, 2014 at noon PST for a POWERFUL game-changing free webinar.

== I’ll illuminate the finer points around how to share your
story in a way that can make a big impact
to magnetize the right clients to pay attention to you.

== That is a powerful step to open the door for your bank account can grow.

== And I’ll share the 3 biggest bio blunders even smart and successful business owners make that squash their credibility and stop perfect clients from doing business with them.


== Don’t miss this call.
== Showing up LIVE will pay off immediately.
== You’ll receive a powerful gift packed with Get Ready, Get Known Get Paid KNOW HOW at the end of the call when you show up LIVE. It’s a $197 value, and it’s yours for hearing me out to your expert and bottom line advantage.

See you on the call. And invite your friends!

P.S. Forward this email to business owners who NEED to benefit from this information. I am on a mission to guide one million business owners to create better client attracting stories. Now is the time for a Business Business Bio Makeover Revolution. Thanks for carrying the flag for this important work in the world. Register here – and get a gift to make your bio better on the spot. The rewards for you are already coming. Action taking is powerful…9437895-man-holding-piggy-bank-shallow-dof

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Before and After Bio Makeovers – Powerful Transformations for Client Attraction

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The before and after transformations from the most recent session of the Get Your Client Attracting Story Done Virtual Worldwide Workshop are so inspiring.  Want to see them?  You can.  Just click here to download the PDF.

Congratulations to these action takers who submitted their “before” and “after” stories by the deadline.  These eight examples were selected from scores and scores of submissions as among the BEST.

  • Make Your Honeymoon Last Forever Expert Fanny Ritter Milz
  • Nadine Haupt — The Successful Career Woman’s Secret Weapon to Massive Impact and Financial Wealth
  • Fitness and Health Mentor for Fab and Brilliant Women 50 and Beyond Susan Blais
  • Business Technology Superhero Ty Pittman
  • Wisdom Well Retreats Leader Nina Durfee
  • Emotional Intelligence and Personal Development Expert Andrea Isaacs
  • Donna Bell — The Final Answer from Transforming from Clutter to Cure

This popular virtual workshop starts again in September.  Make plans to join us to create your transformation. I’ll guide you every step of the way.

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Bio Wow – What Now? Powerful Training to Guide You to Get Known and Paid

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Nancy_Lisa_2014Today’s Bio Wow-What Now call rocked.  Special VIP Experts Guests Juicy Marketing Expert Lisa Cherney and Startup Expert Tommi Wolfe joined us.

They shared powerful guidance to make the most of every move you make to create and grow the business of your dreams.

I delivered the training around what NEXT to do with your bio now that you love your story and want to share it with the world.

And, I made a very intoxicating offer with powerful, life-changing bonuses offered by me and also by Lisa and Tommi and the founders of JVIC — Rich German and Milana Leshinsky. Click on the pink REPLAY BUTTON to hear the replay.


And, make the wise choice to join me for the Get Known Get Paid Jumpstart by midnight tonight.twobluedresses

When you are among the first 22, you benefit from everything showcased at that page. And you also benefit from:

== a Private Build Your Buzz Strategy Session with me!
== Your VIP seat at the Build Your Buzz Beyond the Bio Private Mastermind with me and Tommi Wolfe on Sept. 2 in Boulder, Colorado – $997 value
== a Juicy Marketing consultation with one of Lisa Cherney’s coaches valued at $500
== a Private Consultation with Tommi Wofe — for the first 10 only
== Your tickets to not just one but THREE world-class LIVE events with Tommi Wolfe, Lisa Cherney, and Rich German and Milana Leshinsky — Founders of JVIC

jumpstart-banner-vertical (3)My phone has been ringing off the hook with clients with questions and commitments. And the online shopping cart is on fire with activity. If  NOW is the time for YOU to say YES to the journey, this is your invitation. 

I know it is the beginning of a holiday weekend and you may have fireworks on your mind. So, start the celebration early by saying YES to your Get Known to Get Paid Jumpstart. And if you need to chat by phone to get your questions answered, please call. 425-641-5214.

I can’t wait to begin the journey and be a catalyst for big results soon to flow in your business. It’s Your Story. Tell It Well.

P.S. Decide TODAY to join me for the Get Known Get Paid Jumpstart. If you need to chat by phone to get your questions answered, please do. 425-641-5214 PST. You can also send email with your questions at

P.P.S. If I am the mentor to guide you forward, you know it. Say YES to your success. I’ll light your way to GREAT results. Tonight is the night! 

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How I Grew My List from 3300 to Over 10000 in 15 Months – Real Truth Telling and Amusing Storytelling from Nancy Juetten

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twobluedressesStartup Expert Tommi Wolfe invited me to share 20 minutes of truth telling from her live event stage about joint ventures, list building, and getting it done a couple of years ago.  The 20-minutes of authentic sharing is truly “Nancy Unplugged” and reveals what steps I took to grow my ezine list from 3300 to over 10,000 in 15 months (and it has since grown still more since then.)

There are colorful stories and lots of laughter to inspire your learning. If you’ve ever wanted to grow your list, lead a leveraged group program, and wade into the world of leading teleclasses and webinars as a way to get beyond offering one-on-one services, this 20 minute Mp3 audio file offers powerful lessons for success direct from the trenches. 

I’ll be telling your more about Tommi’s important work in the world in the weeks to come. In the meantime, save July 18 to enjoy a special call she is offering to guide you to learn the 3 Mega Mistakes 94% of Solopreneurs Make that Keep them Stuck in 5 Figures Forever. 

By the way, I’ll be contributing to Tommi’s expert panel at her live event — 12 Months to 6-Figures LIVE in September in Boulder, Colorado, and I hope to meet you in person there!



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