Parallels Between Publicity and Joint Ventures – and Two Gifts Today!

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Having worked as a publicist for experts and entrepreneurs for many years, advocating for others is a well honed skill. Earning publicity is all about positioning experts and information in a timely, newsworthy and relevant way so even more people can learn about the top priority that is trend-worthy and useful at the moment.

Getting seen, heard, and celebrated via the media that matter for your message can make big noise and invite more of the right opportunities to connect with ideal clients and others who need to know about whatever it is that is YOUR priority. Media coverage gets people talking, sharing, and taking action. That is powerful for building brand, reputation, and buzz. And, when more people know about what you have to offer, you are more easily found, referred, and hired, and those are outcomes that give business owners everywhere reasons to cheer.

When I first learned about the value of joint ventures for expert positioning and getting the word out, the parallels to the power of publicity were clear to me and also aligned with my skill set. During a joint venture with a strategic partner, colleagues share information that is timely, newsworthy and relevant with their carefully nurtured tribes of fans to build know-like-trust and inspire action. Sometimes, the communication is about sharing a useful report that solves a specific problem. Other times, the communication is about inviting a specific buying action. Either way, the common thread is that the information or offer being extended is relevant, of service, and intended to make a positive impact. The audience for the message is well served, and everyone wins.

So, when I got started with joint venture partnerships in 2006, I started by doing my homework. What steps did I take? 

And more to the point, what steps might you take now that your desire to make joint ventures part of your get known to get paid strategy has become crystal clear to you?  Here are suggestions, based on my path so far.

== Identify a product or service that your tribe needs, wants, and is likely to invest into to get the benefit or the relief.

== Investigate the best-of-breed service providers who offer that solution and start a relationship.  Not a transaction. A relationship.

== Learn about and use the product or service to know that it truly is the best available so as to be in a solid position to provide meaningful and credible advocacy.

== Invite opportunities to promote the work of high quality partners in the spirit of service to your own tribe.

== Deliver on every promote made, and go the extra mile to deliver results as measured by opt ins and referred sales.

== Invite conversations with partners for reciprocal promotions or other creative ways to collaborate for great results, once and all.

== Nurture the relationships over time.  By making powerful introductions to other people of influence, being available to mastermind or brainstorm to solve problems, going the extra mile whenever possible, and showing up as a great colleague, co-collaborator, and friend, you can develop lasting and rewarding relationships with your partners.  In doing so, everyone is in great position to serve more of the perfect clients we are here to serve and make a bigger impact through our work.

If you are new to the world of publicity or joint ventures, consider today a NEW day to approach both arenas as students who are serious about learning best practices.  Take action on what you learn.  Keep track of your results.  And keep advancing along the path to mastery.

We all bloom where we are planted and grow from there. In the spirit of authentic visibility, it  gets a bit intimidating at times to see how big some partners play, how well they use technology to their advantage, and how elaborate some of their promotions are.

As much as I’ve learned since starting down this path, there is still so much more to learn and do, and I’ll keep moving forward in a step by step and sometimes leaps and bounds kind of way.

I will also say that it is a privilege to learn from those who are playing big and take the best of what they do and apply it in my own best way to make my own impact with clients and the marketplace.

What I know based on my own experience is that when your advocacy puts your name on the top of a leader board for a joint venture in which many of your industry’s most influential players are participating, that means that people with names you likely recognize will soon be calling your name. And that just might be the most intoxicating benefit of all.

If you’d like to learn more, tune into today’s webinar at noon Pacific to learn the 3 blunders even smart entrepreneurs make with joint ventures that keep them stuck at the starting gate and how to get beyond them.

When you tune in, you’ll gain access to TWO POWERFUL GIFTS to support your Joint Venture Success.  One is from me to guide you forward on YOUR unique path to get known and paid for your expert status. The other is from JV Insider Circle Co-Founders Milana Leshinsky and Rich German that shares the 12 reasons joint venture partners will never promote you.  Both offer powerful guidance.  And, when you use both gifts in combination, you will be on the path to being unstoppable as a joint venture partner. Do not miss out on either. Just claim your place at the high value (and free) webinar now. And invite your friends.  The more, the merrier.  

== Reserve your FREE spot now or gain access to the REPLAY that is now available!

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Last Day to Say YES to Donna Kozik’s Write a Book in a Weekend 2.0 Program & Get Your Bio Done, Too!

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donna_kozikToday is the last day you can get Donna Kozik’s new course called “Write a Book in a Weekend 2.0″ for 50% Off!  

I want make this the EASIEST YES EVER for you.

What if you could get your book done and be in GREAT position to build big buzz for your expertise and your book so you can get known and paid and make the difference you seek to make through your work?

Let me entice you to take action with a JUICY BONUS of my own to reward your fast action. It is the Get Your Client Attracting Story Done Home Study Program – a $297 value! 

biopremiumThis gift is a virtual workshop you can enjoy anytime and anywhere to get your opportunity attracting story done with my expert support.  You will be guided to create at least one amazing bio to support your goal to attract clients and more if you are  truly motivated and do your very best with expert guidance provided during this get-it-done working session.  Your road-tested and proven tools, templates, and handouts deliver to your inbox as soon as we get confirmation of your purchase in Donna’s program. The coveted Client BioDocisIn8-211x300Attracting Template #3 plus nine others will make writing your bios for speaking, social media, and media interviews faster and easier than you ever dreamed possible. You also receive access to the “Bio Doc is In” follow up replay to get even more support to make your story better for client attraction. You also receive powerful tools to build big buzz for your expertise so the right people can more easily find, hire and refer you to the great opportunities of which your expertise is so worthy. This is a $297 value that is my gift to you when you say YES to Donna’s program.

Tick Tock.  Midnight tonight will strike sooner than you think, so now is the time to say yes, Yes, YES to get your book and bio done.  The world is waiting for your message.  Start today.












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Vote for Executive Leadership Consultant Sara Harvey Yao by Midnight, Mon. March 3

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092_sara_yao_lowres_b (3)My friend of 10 years — Sara Harvey Yao — is #2 on this leader board , and if she makes it GetPresent-cover (3)to #1 by tomorrow at midnight, she gets to lead a podcast about Executive Presence and Ego for  Alicia Dunams, the “Write a Best-Selling in a Weekend” expert. Sara is really gifted. Since she is so close, would you consider casting your vote for her? She wrote a book called “Get Present: Simple Strategies to Get Out of Your Head and Lead More Powerfully” and it is really good. Among her best clients are big wigs at high tech companies in  Seattle and beyond so she is really making big impact as an executive leadership consultant. I’d sure appreciate it. It’s great when friends get what they want, don’t you agree?


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Speaker Gig Envy Made Me Do It

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How did I get invited to speak for Direct Pay the first time? Truth be told, it was “speaker gig envy” that fueled my effort.  Someone I admired a lot was showcased as a speaker. When I saw the eblast come in my inbox, I asked myself, “Why not me?”

So, I searched around the website, found someone to reach out to in customer service, and suggested a topic that would be of service to the members.

That single effort has since resulted in three speaking invitations for me that have brought my expertise to the attention of the entire customer list for Direct Pay! (formerly known as Practice Pay Solutions.) And I have since recommended a number of experts to contribute to this series, too.

So, if you have a topic that would add value to the mastery series, making a pitch that the decision makers can’t resist is a good first step. It sure worked for me.

Speaking of which … If you have joint ventures on your mind …I reprise a popular talk I gave earlier this month on this topic that is perfect for you if you are a smart business owner who wants to get out the gate like winner right from the start and avoid common blunders.

Details for the March 11 call are below, and check out the other great speakers coming to serve you from the Direct Pay Mastery Series, too. Maybe you’ll soon be among them. Maybe now is the time for you to make YOUR pitch.

More about the Business Mastery Series from Direct Pay:

Ready to put more kick into your 2014?  Get geared up with new ideas and be ready for increased success and satisfaction. The team at Direct Pay has designed a series of web events that will inspire and enlighten you, while giving you solid information and knowledge to continue to grow and develop your organization.

Here is the full schedule for the 2014 Series: 

My big news is to let you know who is up next in the Business Mastery Series…I am! Join me on Tuesday, March 11th, 2014 at 12pm Pacific/3pm Eastern for a free web event:

3 Mistakes Even Smart Entrepreneurs Make that Keep Them Stuck at the Starting Gate

as Joint Venture Partners and How to Avoid Them

During this webinar, I will share — direct from the trenches — how I rose to become a “Rock Star” joint venture partner, despite starting out with a small list, taking an old-school approach, and leading with my heart of gold. You will learn:

== The 3 biggest blunders to avoid

== The top 3 ways to provide and receive advocacy

== How to get out of the starting gate like a “rock star” — even if you are just starting out.

Reserve your spot now

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WordPress Expert Christina Hills Shares Fundamentals of Online Business Today

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ChristinaHillsWebsiteCreationJPEGWordPress Expert and my good friend Christina Hills is holding a FREE webinar TODAY called “The Fundamentals of Online Marketing.” This is NOT one of those webinars where an expert will talk about new online marketing tactics laced with marketing and technology jargons, instead she teaches in an easy to understand, down to earth way. Christina is known to be somebody who can explain complicated topics in the language that non-geeks and newbies can understand; she has taught hundreds of non-techie people how to easily build their websites themselves in the Website Creation Workshop. As an Internet marketing and WordPress expert, she has SO MUCH to share… So, this will be a great chance for you to learn and finally “get” how Internet marketing works.

During this free 60 minute webinar, Christina will be using lots of pictures to help you achieve a true understanding of how marketing and making money on the Internet really works. Here are some of the key items she will be covering:

== How selling works online, including how money gets from the buyer through the murky cloud of shopping carts, gateways, merchant accounts and into your bank account

== How email marketing works where you build a list of potential customers to email your offers to

== How social media works to bring new visitors to an online business to start a relationship with them

Event: The Fundamentals of Online Businesses

Date: Thursday February 13, 2014

Time: 3:00pm Eastern / 12:00pm Pacific

Duration: 60 minutes

(You can listen by phone or computer.)

TO ATTEND THIS Webinar, Go Here NOW.


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Five Tips to Help Aspiring Experts Fix Bio Blunders Just in Time to Provide Successful Growth in the New Year

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 heal-your-boring-bio-cover-for-web (3)To accelerate success, I am offering a new gift booklet entitled “Heal Your Boring Business Bio to Attract Clients Now – The Bio Doc Shows You How” so grab it here.

Most bio blunders can be healed fast. Here are quick tips to bring in the relief.

1) Don’t try to be all things to all people. For example, a financial planner who helps busy career professionals take care of their money so they can have more time to do what they love is going to attract more clients than the planner who says she serves everyone or no one in particular.  

2) Don’t bury the lead. Don’t start with your long and winding journey to finally arrive at this work you do and then mention who you serve and how they can engage in the fourth paragraph. Lead with compelling results clients welcome first for better client attraction.

3) Put clothes on that emperor. Some business owners describe themselves in lofty terms without providing proof of their claims. Juetten says, “Specifics are terrific.” Don’t claim to be a best-selling author if you’ve only sold ten books, and seven of them are to family and friends.

 4) Don’t underestimate the value of a sassy sound bite. Personality packs a punch, and it can be persuasive and powerful for attracting perfect clients. For example, ‘Investing should be like watching paint dry. If you are getting an adrenaline rush, you are doing something wrong’ is an example that will be appealing to a specific group of clients that appreciates a drama-free investment philosophy.

5) Offer a call to action. If you want your client to call to request an appointment, display the phone number on the website home page to make it easy for the client to call.

I’ve guided thousands of entrepreneurs to upgrade their bios for client attraction since the 2009 debut of my book — Bye-Bye Boring Bio. Don’t forget to grab your gift booklet here.

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What is the Difference Between a Trust Building Story and a Client Attracting Business Bio?

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Have you heard about the “trust building story” and why you need one?

== Maybe you have heard Lisa Nichols talk about the DIP Theory. This is when you share a story that describes your success today, tell about a low point in your career, and then finish with a high point.

== Master Workshop Trainer Callan Rush says that you need to share your humanity and expertise in your story.

And I agree. This is especially important for speakers and workshop leaders who deliver content from a stage.

And here is why a trust building story isn’t enough for entrepreneurs serious about growing their businesses now.

 == If you are serious about getting known and getting paid for your credibility and talent, you also need to be ready to make life easier for your potential clients to get to the meat of the matter quickly.

 == Radio, podcast and TV hosts want a short paragraph to share to set the stage for you to delight their audiences.

 == Meeting planners want to know what you speak about, the audience take-away points, and how they can book you. And, you need to be able to share your speaker introduction at a moment’s notice.

 == When a reporter asks for your short bio, he doesn’t want the manifesto around everything you’ve ever done in your life. He wants the facts shared in a compelling, memorable way.

When you are ready to respond to requests for your story at a moment’s notice, you make life and work easier for the INFLUENTIAL experts who are interested in you. And your story can easily be shared with huge audiences of perfect people who just might be in a hurry to do business with someone exactly like you.

 That is different than sharing a trust building story.   That is why a client attracting business bio matters.

Tomorrow, I want to guide you to GET THIS DONE so you show up like a “rock star” with every powerful first impression you make with clients, meeting planners, or the media.  The Get YOUR Client Attracting Story Done Virtual Workshop is tomorrow, Jan. 22 from noon – 3 p.m. PST.

(After that I won’t be teaching this live again until May of 2014 and the modest price will go up.)

Go here to read about the abundant resources, tools, and templates that are included and claim your spot before it’s too late:

Let’s get YOUR best client attracting business bio done together as you gain the confidence, clarity, and conviction to GET KNOWN in a much bigger way so you can GET PAID, too.  Can’t wait!


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Entrepreneurs: Is Your Bio Ready for a Makeover? A Video Invitation for You

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New Year.  New You.

You want more clients, speaking gigs, and media interviews.

And your bio is not telling your best most client attracting story.

Let’s solve that problem once and for all — this Wednesday, Jan. 22 from noon to 3 p.m. PST at the Get Your Client Attracting Story Done Virtual Worldwide Workshop. (And replays are provided for all who register!)

== If you love to read, visit for all the juicy details.

== And if you love to watch video, let me make that easy for you.

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Business Bio Expert Nancy Juetten Offers Timely Tips and Gifts to Say ‘Bye-Bye Boring Bio’ and Kick Self-Doubt to the Curb to Attract Clients in 2014

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Contact: Nancy Juetten, 425-641-5214,

BELLEVUE, Wash., January 4, 2013– Writing a client attracting bio can be a time-consuming challenge that keeps many self-employed business owners, authors, coaches, and speakers feeling frustrated and stuck. They want “bio pride” but continue to suffer from “bio cringe.”

“There is a story struggle and message muddle epidemic in force that needs relief now,” says Bye-Bye Boring Bio Author and Business Bio Expert Nancy Juetten. “Let the healing for boring business bios begin because ‘The Bio Doc is In.”BioDocisIn8-211x300

Juetten offers tips to make a powerful first impression with well-chosen words quickly:

  • Decide what you need right now. Do you want to attract clients, media interviews, investors, or speaking engagements? Cater your message to your audience because one size bio does not suit all situations.
  •  Lead with the role you play that has the greatest potential to attract clients now. “Author/Speaker/Coach is a list of roles as opposed to an intoxicating message about results that a reader can’t wait to learn more about,” Juetten explains.
  • Reflect on the who, the how and the wow. Who is your ideal client, what result do you bring about for them, and what’s compelling about that result that makes hiring you a no-brainer?
  •  Identify the specific, terrific results from your work with clients in crystal clear terms. Readers need to know that relief or compelling benefits are within their grasp with you as their service provider and be willing to invest.
  • Add your personality. What quick stories or sound bites can you share? “People hire me for my head, pay me for my heart, and trust me most when I use both,” is an example from Steve Juetten, Certified Financial Planner. It sets the tone to create a relationship and invites clients to lean in to learn more,” Juetten explains.
  • “Content over Cute” is a good rule of thumb. Name and claim your geography and expertise – such as ‘Fee-only financial planner, Bellevue, WA.’ Then, it easy for clients searching for that expertise to find you, call you and do business with you,” Juetten says.

Juetten offers two gifts to guide frustrated bio writers to get help to make their stories more client-attracting now:

  •  The Heal Your Boring Business Bio for Client Attraction Now – The Bio Doc Offers Tips and Story Makeovers to Show You How gift booklet

Juetten’s next Get Your Client Attracting Story Done Worldwide Virtual Workshop takes place January 22, 2014 from noon – 3 p.m. Pacific. This is a 3-hour working session that guides authors, experts, and speakers to get their client attracting stories done with expert help. Everyone who enrolls receives a bring-a-buddy email invitation within 24 hours. Participants receive a digital copy of Juetten’s popular Bye-Bye Boring Bio workbook, practical tools to build online and offline business buzz, and useful handouts to guide the experience and the results. They can also attend a two-hour “Bio Doc is In” follow up call on January 29, 2014 from noon – 2 p.m. Pacific to get even more expert help.

Juetten suggests, “Get together with a colleague, fellow independent business professional, or ‘storytelling buddy.’ Share the modest $197 fee for the support and resources. Together from your home or office with my support, you can collaborate and get to the essence of your best client attracting stories in time for a great 2014.”

nancy-2013-with-logos (3)About Business Bio Expert Nancy Juetten and Bye-Bye Boring Bio:

Since September 8, 2009, Bye-Bye Boring Bio creator and Business Bio Expert Nancy Juetten has spoken to thousands of business owners through radio interviews, teleseminars, and workshops about how to upgrade their bios to attract clients, speaking gigs, and media interviews. Satisfied clients from Boston to Florida and Austria to New Zealand report reaching more clients and inviting new engagements as a result of the bios they write with Bye-Bye Boring Bio and training as their resources of choice. To register for the January 22 virtual workshop, visit To book Juetten to present this workshop live or by webinar for associations, conventions, and conferences or make volume purchases of Bye-Bye Boring Bio at significant savings, call 425-641-5214 or send email to



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Get Known to Get Paid Lessons from the Wizard of Oz to Get 2014 Off on the Right Ruby Slipper

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This is a repeat of a prior blog post that seems timely to welcome and inspire a prosperous and rewarding 2014.  Enjoy!

The 75th Anniversary Edition of the classic film “The Wizard of Oz” brings to mind parallels from this film to the demands of getting known and getting paid for expert status.

  • Never underestimate the power of a really sassy pair of shoes to boost your confidence when pitching a story or doing anything that really matters in your life.
  • Thing big about what you want to accomplish, and take one joyful step at a time as you make the journey.
  • It takes brains, courage, and heart to make your message stand out.
  • Collaborating with a quality team can make a world of difference when making your approach.
  • If you want it, you have to be willing to put up with things that get in your way, like apples, flying monkeys, witches, and sleep-inducing poppies.
  • Before you make your big pitch, put your best dress on and your best face forward.
  • “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.” You have more power to make things happen in your business than you ever thought possible. You just have to look in your bag of tricks to find the right tools and resources to the get the mission accomplished. And you have to use them.
  • Most of the coverage you seek that can make a powerful difference in your business can be found in your own backyard right now.
  • You don’t have to fly over the rainbow to get much of what you want.
  • There is no place like home. That’s where you and most of your customers live, work, and play. Start at home.
  • You can make a lot of magic happen if you just click your heels together and get to work.
  • Click on the images below for two powerful ways to get started today to say “Bye-Bye Boring Bio” and start along your rewarding journey to Get Known and Get Paid.  And, if you would rather work ONE ON ONE with me, check out the Blast Off Package.  You can save $300 when you say YES by January 7, 2014 when you apply “BlastOff300″ as your coupon code.
  • Happy 2014, one and all.

   B4FindOutMoreImage       3-D binder small  (5)

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