2008 Publicity Planning Starts Now! Be Intentional about the Results You Seek.

11:46 am Media Savvy 101

If you’ve already figured out your top ten ideal media placements for 2008, now is the time to ask for the editorial calendars for the print venues that are on your “hot list.” I made a few of those searches online today and quickly received the calendars for the Puget Sound Business Journal, Seattle Business Monthly magazine, and Washington CEO magazine. Now, I can scan those calendars and find the ideal media placement opportunities for clients and be ahead of the game when it comes to earning powerful, prominent media results for the New Year.

If the words “editorial calendar” make your eyes glaze over, let me make it easy for you to find what you need. Just look for the online media kits at the website for each publication and search within them for the editorial calendars. And, if you can’t easily find them online, make a telephone call to the receptionist at your targeted publication to make your request.

These calendars indicate what the publication is planning to write about in the New Year so you can target your story pitching ideas accordingly. By paying attention to the plans of each publication and offering ideas that are clearly a fit, you are that much closer to earning the story placements you seek.

What are your top ten ideal media placements for 2008? If you haven’t yet given thought to this, pause and make your list right now. One of my clients, Affirmagy, is a big proponent of vision boards and the power of intentional living. Just last Sunday, Kristen Marie Schuerlein put a picture of Entrepreneur magazine on her vision board. Guess what? Later this week, she is interviewing with a reporter from this very magazine! Is this a coincidence, serendipity, or some other force at work? I believe it is the Law of Attraction at work, and Kristen’s clarity at setting that goal played a part in earning the media opportunity she was after.

Be clear about your top ten media venues that would be best for your story. That reduces the overwhelm you might feel about how to tackle telling your story in the first place. And, when you are clear about where you want your story to show up and ask for what you want, you just might get exactly what you ask for. Imagine that!

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